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The Secret
The Secret

The Secret

Andrew_And_AnaThe Clingy Bestfriend

Author POV

"Hey Izubro," Kirishima says.

"Hey Kiri. One second, stay out there." Izuku pulls his shirt on and shoves Dabi out of the window and into Kurogiri's portal to Pennsylvania, where the LOV base is.

"Bye, Wolfie," Dabi calls, then falls through the portal.

"Come on in," Izuku says and the door opens. "Sorry, I was just changing."

"It's fine. Mina want to go to the club. Mind changing again?"

He sighs. "Sure. Be right out." Izuku closes the door and goes to his closet. He picks out his favorite outfit; a black hoodie with the words gay boi on it, black ripped jeans, leather gloves, and stylish boots.

"Almost done?" Kirishima asks from outside.

"Almost!" Izuku pulls his phone out and messages Dabi.

Izuku: Go 2 club

Dabi: Which 1?

Izuku: LightYear

Dabi: OK <3

He puts his phone in his back pocket and goes into the hallway. "Ready." Izuku says.

They walk down to meet up with everyone else. His phone starts ringing halfway there, and he pulls it out. Dabi. He answers.

<the call>

Izuku: Hey.

Dabi: Hey Wolfie. So LightYear, right?

Izuku: Yup. I don't know who alls coming, but I know Kirishima and Mina are. Shinsou and Kami probably are, too. Same with Shoto, Bakuhoe, and the girls.

Dabi: 'Kay. Shiggy and Toga will be there.

Izuku: M'kay. Bye. Love you.

Dabi: Love you too. Bye.


"Who was that?" Kirishima asks.

"Oh, just my dad. He was worried I was going to the club alone." He lies. No one knows about him and Dabi.


They continue walking until they see their friends. "Hey guys." Kirishima says and Todoroki slings an arm around his shoulders. Bakugo tries to put an arm around Izuku, but he ducks and gets out of it.

"Oi, nerd, get back here." Bakugo says in a threatening tone, and fear spikes Izuku.

He laughs. "Fine, Kacchan." He lets Bakugo put his arm around his shoulder.

Bakugo leans down and whispers, "Never run from me, Nerd. You'll get a punishment."

He doesn't react. He ignores what he says, and the group heads over to LightYear, the club closest to UA. He sees the portal on the roof, and sees Dabi jump through last. Dabi looks down at him and winks.




Izuku's POV

Inside, we immediately go to the bar and buy ourselves each a beer. I take a swig, then my phone beeps.

<the text>

Dabi: I see you~

Me: Mhm? Where?

Dabi: By the bar. You took a sip of your beer. Bakugo's giving you a glare.

Me: That he is. Meet you in the bathroom?

Dabi: I'll meet you there Wolfie~


I smirk. "Oi, nerd!" Bakuhoe shouts. He's already on his second beer, and we've only been here five minutes!

"Yes, Kacchan?" I say in a sweet voice, pretending to be the 'cinnamon roll' I supposedly am.

"Get over here." He says, and I stand up and go over to the group.

"Hey, isn't that Dabi?" Mina asks and looks over at a corner. I look over there too and see Dabi standing there with a bottle of something in his hand.

"I think so. Let's go say hi." I say and walk over there. "Hey, Dabi."

"Hey... Izuku, right?" He smirks.

"Yup. Wanna join me and my friends? We're just chatting."

"Sure," He stops leaning on the wall and we walk over to the group.

"What the hell, Nerd!? That's a villian!!" Bakuhoe exclaims, and I see smoke from his hands.

"I am no problem. I am here to have a drink and meet people." Dabi says, and to prove his point, he takes a swig of his drink. They consider it fine, and continue talking to each other, ignoring Dabi and I.

I see him retreating to the restrooms, so I follow a few feet behind him, until we're in the bathroom.

"Your friends are annoying," Dabi says and I laugh.

"I know. Mina's an exception, 'cause she invites me to all the group hangouts." A portal opens and Toga, Shiggy, Dad, and Kurogiri jump through it.

"Izu-kun!" Toga says and quickly hugs me.

"Hey, Knivey." I greet her. "Hey bro. Hey Dad."

"Hey." They say in unison.

"Anyway, yeah. Mina's an exception. The rest are annoying." I say. "Oh, yeah, Bakuhoe threatened me. I don't really care, because I know he's going to be having a massive hangover in the morning, and I'll be gone by six. Mina and I are headed to the mall to get groceries for the dorms and to get more clothes." I wave a hand and another bottle of beer appears in my opposite hand. "I love magic."

"So, Bakugo threatened you?" Dad asks me.

I wave my hand around more, putting graffiti on the wall in front of me. "Yeah. He isn't worth murdering, though. He's not worth living, but he should die by someone who has a reason to do it."

"You're right, Izuku. So, you're going to murder him?" Shiggy says, and I nod.

"Yup. I have a few options to use. I have that bucket of acid- wait, no. Aizawa made me get rid of it when it spilled and burned a hole through the floor. Well I can always use my sniper." The problem was, was that it was contained properly, but I took the lid off to get rid of something and it tipped over and spilled. The rest is history.

"We always can get you more acid, y'know." Dabi says.

"I know. I can't get in trouble with Mr. Aizawa, though. My grades rely on him for now. After this year I'm moving to Pennsylvania with you guys and I will join the high school over there." Two months, two days. That's how long until this year is over, and I can move in with them. Maybe Mina will join the LOV.

"Wait, really?" Dad says.

"Yeah. UA is getting boring, not much drama. I think the only drama this week was that Momo's ponytail was crooked." I roll my eyes.

Author Notes: I'ma just- *gets hit by unknown human*
Me: Welp, guess im gettin' kidnapped. Goodbye outdoors *waves*

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14 Jun, 2021
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