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The Seeker's Stone-

The Seeker's Stone-

By Smollbis - 2 Reviews

In the 19th century, there was a ceremony held at the Sacred Stonehenge of Death. there has been many theories about the origins of The Stonhenge. what the Stonehenge was meant to be used for and whether it had powerful force on countless souls. On the contrary, the Sacred Stonehenge of Death was used for sacrifice and death only. there was a ceremony being held by a tribe, The Stone Tribe. The Stone Tribe were the protectors of countless souls and defenders of people from the Seeker. The Seeker is an evil spirit that would go in or communicate with people's souls to make them do something horrible or control people's souls. but little did the tribe know that the Seeker fell in love with the leader of The Stone Tribe. The Leader of the Stone Tribe was so beautiful, she was 5'7 feet tall, had blue eyes like the deep ocean and golden hair like the blazing sun. Her name was Abilina. The stone tribe had trapped the Seeker into a dark, cold chamber and was aware that the Seeker might have a slick, evil plan.

Then one evening, Abilina went out for a stroll, something didn't feel right. She looked around and then out of nowhere a giant cat shaped like creature appeared and tried to kidnap her, but the Seeker appeared and slayed the creature. Abilina was shocked with fear. "H-how did you get out of your chamber!?!" she asked. The Seeker didn't respond. Abilina was confused and ordered her servents to take the Seeker back into his chamber and lock him up with 1,000 chains around his whole body. After the servants obeyed her orders, she came into the chamber and sat on the cold stone floor across from him. She looked at him in great fear. "Why..." The seeker looked up at Abilina with a blank expression. "You wouldn't understand." said the Seeker. Abilina stood up and then slapped the Seeker in the face. "I ASKED YOU WHY!!!" Silence and anger filled the room. Abilina then went out of the chamber and went to figure things out.

The next morning the Seeker went missing. Abilina was praying while a servent came running to her. "Master Abilina! master Abilina!" Abilina paused. "Hm?" she said. "The Seeker has vanished! he's nowhere to be found!" Abilina's eyes widened, "W-what?! oh no this isn't good....we must put a barrier around the well! hurry! make sure that the well is secured!" the servent went to alert the other servants that they needed to make a barrier around the well. Abilina paced back and forth and was scared that there could be a chance that her people might end up dead and that she may never be able to save anyone, not even herself. as the barrier was being made by her servents, she heard a deep, mean voice in the distance. "come, come Abilina. come and i'll help you save your people....come." Abilina stood up and walked toward the voice, hoping that whoever the voice was would help her find the Seeker and to help save her people.

Author Notes: The Stone Keeper is a series with adventure, romance and much more.

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15 Nov, 2018
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2 mins
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