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The Seven Day Experiment

The Seven Day Experiment


DAY ONE: 4:30 AM: I feel ok. It has now been 24 hours with no sleep. I keep watching re-runs of old horror movies. Being up all day is kind of boring.

DAY TWO: 4:30 AM: Fourty-eight hours now. I think I've watched way too much tv. Soon I'm going to start drinking coffee and Red Bulls to keep me up. Oh, and I ate someones sandwich. Sorry.

DAY THREE: 4:30 AM: Coffee has done me good. I'm now AWAKE and ready to take on the world! I don't care that I haven't slept in 72 hours. I can't feel my toes but it doesn't matter because even without them I will still be awake! WHOO!

DAY FOUR: 4:40 AM: I have been told I am not in the True World. This world is fake and only when we dream are we in the real world.

DAY FIVE: 4:30 AM: I'm a little agitated, I'll admit. These stupid pink elephants keep following me around! What makes it worse is the giant green monkeys that keep trying to kill them! WHY CAN'T THEY JUST ALL GET ALONG! And where are my toes?

DAY SIX: 4:30 AM: Spent the day in the Field of Unicorns. Danced with a clown. Laid on a bed of flowers. Talked to what I believe was an alien. One more day! I must go now. These toes are getting on my last nerve so I'm going to cut them off and teach them a lesson.

DAY SEVEN: 5:30 AM: Blood. Hospital. Mental ward?

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28 Sep, 2010
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