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The Shadow Man and the Mask

The Shadow Man and the Mask

By alexander

"Hmm you might be wondering what brought you hear, on this eventful day a day where yours and my life changed forever ,would you like me to recount how this happened how you ended up here ,walking on a knife edge that you can never fall off". He shivers and wraps his arms around himself barely able to breath let alone reply, but I see a nod and that is more then enough for me to delve into the story. " It starts off a pretty boring normal life if you will falling out of trees scaring the local neighbours with stick fighting and throwing things you shouldn't. Yet as you begin to grow up you notice something, something so subtle that you can scarcely tell the difference, you look around at school when you turn 13 and see that everyone has a mask on yes even you have one possibly on right now. You begin to sit back and watch you get more and more quiet as the months go on and see it all happen in front of you, how the masks slip easily from one emotion to another with seemingly no difficulty at all".

He has relaxed somewhat now his legs are laid out in front of him and he looks to be sleeping apart from a small twitch by the side of his head that tells me he wants to know more of why he is like this. " Well as the years go by you stop talking to even your parents they take you to psychiatrists yet as you say nothing to them they soon give up on you and turn to your sister who is the best out of your family of changing the masks so easily. People at school no sneer at you in amusement because you don't change your mask and you are slowly trying to chip away till it has disappeared yet it is still firmly on there. At last one day you manage to make a crack in the mask and you feel pleased with yourself you are achieving your goal of being free, until she turns up, she was running down the hall and runs full on in to you nocking all the wind and joy from what you had done. She stands up and shouts "Sorry! I am in a rush for class " then disappears around the corner , that was the first time anyone had talked to you in 5 months well that nicely at least".

He has started to cackle now slowly getting a grasp on the situation at hand yet he still needs to be told a little more for him to fully comprehend the situation to full love what is happening right now. " The girl you ran into you comes up to you at lunch and begs you to forgive her for running away, the strange thing is you can't see her changing masks to looks like you on mask one face with a bit of ware and tear around the edges of it, you finally say something for the first time in a year " it's fine" that's it you hope its enough but its not she starts meeting you more and more hanging out with you and you begin to feel the mask you have tried to brake for so long to change to fit with her, You Started Having Fun! you know you even laughed once when she was around you felt like you could trust her that she was dependable. You walk done the corridor one day only to hear her voice laughing with a group of people she opens her mouth with the biggest grin on her face " He thinks I am his friend ! ha , can you believe it, I have made him like me Luke you owe me a tenner and a ride in your car, he is such a dweeb I heard him laugh sounded like a horse dying Lol! " You see no one can be trusted its better to be alone and take the mask off yourself.

He now sits up starts to lean out realising that the mask might never come off, he is so close to understanding the full truth " you quit school and stay at home eat what you want do what you want your parents shout at you every now and then and compare you to your sister at how much better she is how well she has her life together , and why can't you do the same? They don't understand how hard it to take of the mask, how much time you have put into it. It doesn't matter anymore half of your mask is gone now the other half is going very soon. Bam! you wake up in the night and feel light, your face feels free you have done it your free. Now you have realised this world is pointless that there is nothing to do now that with satisfy you now the mask is gone. You run to school where you haven't been in months its all locked up being night yet you find a way in you always do you run up to the roof and jump over the railing. That is the story of how you got here, now sir will you stay or will you go? either way the choice is up to you."

He leans out laughing all the way down, "Sigh I still can't find the right one well lets find another person and see how long they last!."

Author Notes: This is my take on depression as a creature that latches on, how does it make you feel?

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4 Mar, 2016
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4 mins
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