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The Shadow of Life (part one)
The Shadow of Life (part one)

The Shadow of Life (part one)


Echo watched from the hill as the village burned. All she could do was watch, frozen from fear. She thought of the people left in the burning village and she slowly started to walk towards the flames. The fire avoided her. She just kept walking, heading to the middle of the village for her final fight. As she walked she looked at the buildings she passed, remembering everyone that lived in the small village she called home.

She got to the middle of the village and looked around, looking for someonne in the fire. Someone walked through the flames, grinning evilly. "Ah, Echo, you were always the weak one, you still are, arent you? I knew you were weak enough to try to save rhe people in the village, but face it, they're all dead". Echo looked down, thinkning it was all a dream, but it wasn't. The person laughed at her, "Why aren;t you saying anything? Scared of your big brother?".
Echo glared at him, "I'm not scared of you, Peter. I think you're scared of me"
Peter growled, "Why would I ever be scared of a weak little girl like you?"
Echo shrugged, "Oh, I don't know, maybe because I'm more powerful than you?"
"Me? Less powerful than you?" Peter laughed at what Echo said. "No way!"
Echo grinned, "It sounds like you're scared fot your life"
Peter smiled, "You already know don't have a life"
"Then how are are you standing here?"

Peter snapped and ran at Echo, Echo dodging by jumping to the side. Peter drew his sword and turned to face Echo, grinning. Echo pulled a knife out of her pocket and looked at Peter, scared. Peter ran at her again and sliced at her. She dodged but got cut on her left arm. She tried to stab at Peter while peter was stabbing at her. Peter stabbed Echo shallowly in the side and Echo stabbed him in the heart. Echo looked at peter as he fell to his knees.
"Echo, why must you kill me for this?"
Echo looked him in the eyes, "I have to do this because you killed everyone in the village"
Peter laughed, "Fair enough"
Echo pushed the sword out of her side and pulled her knfe out of Peter's chest.
Echo looked at peter for a final time before walking away, covering her wound with her hand, "Bye, Peter"


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23 Dec, 2017
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2 mins
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