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The shadows

The shadows

By chloeboii96

When you look at me what exactly do you see ? all i see is a mess of lies anger, fustration , torment. Everyday seems like an eternity of lonlyness nothing but an empty feling that lurches at my stomach. It is almost midnight and the shadows seep in through the window spilling on the floor boards like deathly ink, dripping through every crack enveloping my only refuge. The moon that projects upon the decaying floor a single spot light waiting for another occupent. The shadows seem to be watching me from every corner of my room, eat away at the courage i have left, all i have for company is the evil that lurks in the darkest places that no human mind could ever imagine. I feel a slight tingling sensation on my neck and realise that the shadows have come for me, breathing on me, breathing that i will always remember. Thats what they do you see they try to scare me they feed on negitive emotions ones that are glued to the back of your mind. Once the shadows push them out you cannot escape from the merciless hunters that drives the human brain insane. They only come for me they know when to come they have always been there ever since i was a little girl, an maleficient babysitter one that disturbs m nightmares only to awake in one of theirs. They never leave untill they satisfy the hunger that they crave, all i am is food. I am alone with only shadows that come and go only to use me then just simply leave. Leaving a trail of criminal murder behind them. I cannot leave for i am trapped here. All i want is a riend, someone who can save me from the brutal stenuous shadows that will end my lonly life. All i know is that when there done i will become a shadow myself for the shadoes of lost tourtured souls once a living thing. I will fade into the black and be forgotten and then for sure i WILL be alone for all eterinty.
By Chloe John :)

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9 Jan, 2011
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1 min
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