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The Shower

The Shower

By DrPhilbilly

When I was about 14 I lived in Louisianna. I haven’t been there in a long time but at the time it was a pretty rough place. Fights, strange happenings, unexpected and unexplained deaths. Where we went to school they would even check you for weapons. If you didn’t have one they would loan you one till school was out. Even that reporter “Geraldo” came and done a special for 20/20 about satanic rituals that had been reported to be happening in the area. Anyway, I said all that to set up the setting for the following story. You have to appreciate the environment to appreciate the story.

One Friday night I was staying over at a friends house and his parents brought us to the show and we all saw a good spook movie. One of the scenes was this lady getting in the shower, turning it on and blood coming out of it. Once we got home my friends mother said she was going to take a shower and go to bed. She was still kinda spooked and freaked out by the movie so my friend and I was trying to figure out what we could do to get her good.

We found a pack of red Kool-Aid in the kitchen and the light bulb went off. We rushed to the bathroom, unscrewed the end of the shower nozzle and poured in the Kool-Aid. We sat on the couch and waited for the scream. His mom finally goes into the bathroom and we wait, but no scream. All of a sudden we hear a loud boom, the door of the bathroom had flown clean off the hinges and here comes his mom running down the hall wrapped in the shower curtain screaming bloody murder.

She runs right past us and out the front door. Now the curtain rod was hung up on the curtain and dragging behind her, but when she went out the front door it got side ways and stuck on the door jam. We ran to the front door, looked down and there sat the rod and curtain lying on the porch. Craaaaap! My poor friend, that had to be traumatic for him to see his momma’s naked butt running across the yard , screaming with her hands waiving in the air. Good times. I’m just sayin’.

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14 Jul, 2010
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