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The Siblings Revenge

The Siblings Revenge

By Christine71

    It had been 18 years since Devon and his sister Amanda had witnessed their parents murdered by a small gang of renegades who ran around calling themselves "The Vipers". they were a group of five convicts who had escaped from a prison colony in the Deep Periphery. They managed to steal few BattleMechs and escape the world after blasting their way into a small space port and liberating a Union class Dropship. Since that time they had become known througout the entire region as pirates who shot first and asked no questions later. They never showed mercy or left any survivors.
    On that fateful day 18 years ago, only by a hunch, did Devon and his younger sister survive. Their parents heard rumors that the Vipers were around, and being a heavy vehicle mechanic, they had a good stash of c-bills and a small warehouse containing many spare parts, weapons, and even a little bit of ammunition. The parents knew that this small treasure trove would be too valuable to a group of pirates and that they would certainly be visited by them. With that thought in mind the parents had directed the children to hide in the caverns behind their residence. Devon and Amanda obeyed and not even 30 minutes later watched from the distance as the pirates closed in.
    It was a holiday and everyone had left, so the only ones who remained were the four family members. Their Father had a STG-3R Stinger light BattleMech that he had restored to full working condition. He had shown his kids how to pilot the Mech and promised that they would some day inherit the Mech and it would be theirs. The children watched as their father tried to protect their home with the Stinger, but he was entirely out matched and out gunned by the pirates. Sharing their parents passion for working on Mechs and other heavy vehicles gave the two of them a knowledge of the various Battlemechs that dominated the landscapes of the galaxy.
    As the children watched they both swallowed hard as they began to recognize the models of the Mechs that the pirates were piloting and knew that their father had no chance in protecting them. The pirates came into view presenting two RFL-3N Rifleman's, a TDR-5S Thunder bolt, a CPLT-C1 Catapult, and the most dreaded, the most feared of all, a AS7-D Atlas. Their father's Stinger looked so small and fragile standing before the menacing force. The children watched their father fire his medium laser at the Atlas, and then the five Mechs opened up on the Stinger. When the smoke and dust cleared away the children could no longer see any part of their dad's Mech, it just looked like small pieces of metal and material had been scattered around the area.
    Devon heard his younger sister start to sob and he reached over and took her in his arms and hugged her. The two of them sat there for the rest of the day and night until they saw the pirates leave. they came out of their hiding spot and headed home. When they arrived they found the whole warehouse had been cleared out and no equipment remained anywhere. They walked into their home and found their mother laying on the floor. The pirates had raped her and then cut her throat when they were done with her. Amanda screamed when she saw her mother dead and ran out screaming for her dad. Devon followed her outside to the spot where their fathers Mech had stood. They found nothing, they could not find one intact piece of Stinger anywhere. Even the cockpit where their dad had sat had been vaporized. Devon grabbed his screaming sister again and held her close and said.
    "We will avenge out parents Amanda, I don't know when, I don't know where, but we will find them and we will avenge our parents, avenge them or join them in death trying."
    Devon hugged his sister tight and just held her letting her sob into his shoulder, He looked to the horizon where the pirates had disappeared, his eyes narrowing in hatred.
    The years had rolled by and Devon and Amanda had continued to work as mechanics, adding a good income to their already substantial bank account. They had each bought their own horribly damaged, junked Battlemechs and proceeded to restore them just as their father had done until now they had their own Battlemechs that they knew better than themselves. Devon had restored his dream mech and now proudly sat in the cockpit seat of his fully operational MAD-3R Marauder, fiddling around while he looked over at his younger sister dancing her BLR-1G Battle Master around on one leg.
    He smiled as he watched Amanda. "Be careful Honey."
    He heard her voice come over the coms. "Oh shut up big brother, there's nothing I can't do with my baby, name anyone in this galaxy who can keep up to me my Dear... and if you keep it up I'm going to poison your lunch!"
    He heard her giggle and laughed himself, he marveled at how his little sister could move such a large lumbering beast with the grace of a ballerina, like she was rehearsing for a dance number. That coupled with her uncanny accuracy made her one young lady that could seriously do some damage. It never made a difference what Mech she happen to pilot, from the lightest recon Mechs to the heaviest assault Mechs, Amanda was indeed respected by all for her ability, from the lowliest of the janitors to the highest of the elite, her skills made all shake their heads in disbelief. Even thought he was older Devon knew his sister's skill far surpassed his own, he was convinced that Amanda could beat him and his Marauder with a mere Wasp or Locust and he wouldn't stand a chance against her. It just seemed that Amanda had a gift not many others had, while other MechWarriors piloted their Mechs, Amanda merged with hers, and the two of them became one. When Amanda moved there was never any sudden jerks or mechanical motion, there was just the grace of an artist before a blank canvas. She was hands down the best Mech pilot he had ever seen, she even surpassed their father's skill, but when Amanda found herself with her true love, something odd just happened. She could do things with her baby that it's designers said couldn't be done, like the one time when someone had suggested to Amanda that she outfit her Mech with jump jets, she laughed in his face and proceeded to bring her Battle Master to full running speed, leap into the air, and land on her feet still running. To everyone's amazement she had managed to clear approximately 30 feet, and keep her balance like her Mech had remained standing still.
    Devon and Amanda eventually gave up their work and opened up their own repair faculty. They opened up the factory in the middle of no where so they could have lots of room to pilot their Mechs and have ample storage space for whatever jobs or supplies they needed to store and work on.
    On the anniversary of the parents death, the two siblings had always given their employees the day off, and today was no different. Devon and Amanda remained to work on some paper work and catch up on a few odd jobs they had laying around.
    When noon rolled around the two stopped to have a quick lunch, and they decided to sit outside since it was a nice day. They were enjoying a couple of sandwiches when they suddenly heard the low boom of a Dropship's engines break it's descent. They stood up and looked at the ship but it was quite a distance away and they could not make out any markings. They watched as it came to rest and the large ships bay doors began to open. Devon gasped as he saw an Atlas and a Thunder Blot emerge from the DropShip and heard Amanda remark "It can't be." when he saw two Rifleman and a Catapult follow close behind. The two looked at each other with open mouths and could tell by the looks upon each others face that they were indeed looking at their parents murderers.
    Devon and Amanda ran to the warehouse where their Mechs sat, They climbed the stairs jumped in and donned their helmets and powered up their Mechs.
    Devon grabbed the controls and started to move his Marauder out of the warehouse followed closely by his sister and her Battle Master. They moved to the front of the factory and waited as the pirates slowly neared. Devon heard an unfamiliar voice come over the com and demand that he stand down and surrender the factory to them.
    Devon screamed over the com. "You are the ones who killed our parents, for 18 years we have waited patiently for you to appear again and now that you have... prepare for our revenge."
    He heard the voice again. "Did we now... well that is totally possible, we do kill a lot of people, but we rarely remember any of them so if you think your special and we remember you, you are mistaken, the two of you are nothing to me, you are just a stain on my ass that I will wipe away."
    Devon closed his eyes and thought, "You really shouldn't have said that." as he heard Amanda scream and launch her Battle Master into action. He watched in disbelief as she brought the 85 ton beast up to full speed and jump at the Thunder Blot in a space that should not have allowed her time to even reach half speed.
    He was still glancing at Amanda as he moved his Marauder's torso down and to the left as the Catapults large laser flashed by his left shoulder. He saw Amanda, still in the air, form her hand into a knife like appendage and drive it straight through the Thunder Bolts cockpit view plate. The Thunder Bolt slumped down and fell straight back as the two Rifleman began to fire their large lasers at Amanda, but she just pivoted her Mech around on it's right leg and the lasers passed harmlessly by her shoulder as she raised her massive PPC in response.
    Devon felt his Marauder shake and looked forward to see the Catapult's LRM 20's launcher doors beginning to close. His attention had focused on Amanda for a moment and this allowed the Catapult to bring it's LRM's to bear even thought they were a bit close to each other.
    "How dare you shoot that crap at me." he thought as he squeezed the triggers of both his PPC's. He felt the heat immediately shoot up in the cockpit as the man made lightning tore through the air impacting the Catapult on either side of it's cockpit and Devon saw huge globs of molten metal splash through the air as the Catapult fell forward. Devon saw it's super heated coolant gush forth from the holes his PPC's had made in the sides of the cockpit..
    Devon was thrown against the right side of his seat and alarms wailed as his Marauder staggered to the left from the force of the impact of the Atlas's huge autocannon. As Devon's Marauder was still staggering the Atlas slammed it LRM 20 into him as well, and more alarms went off signaling that the missiles had impacted the same area the autocannon had and his Mech was suffering internal damage as a result. Devon tried to bring his Marauder under control but was unable to regain his balance as the Atlas once again fired it's autocannon into the side of the Marauder. Devon felt his Marauder going over and braced himself as his 75 ton machine fell onto it's left side. The impact with the ground shook the Mech to it's core and severed most of the power cables feeding life to the Marauder. Devon opened his eyes and saw the Atlas bringing it's massive foot down onto the right knee of his Maruader. He saw the leg snap like a twig as the Atlas's foot began to raise again and this time come down on the side of the Mechs torso. The alarms the remained operational wailed once again telling Devon that his Marauder's engine and gyro had suffered damage and were not operational.
    Devon looked past the Atlas to his sister's Battle Master. He saw one of the Rifleman in a sitting position with a massive hole melted through it's torso, and the others large lasers were being removed by Amanda as she physically tore the Rifleman apart.
    Devon noticed a shadow come over him and he looked up. He saw the Atlas had positioned itself so that it's next crushing stomp would be directly into the cockpit where Devon sat trapped. He watched as it's massive foot raised up and lingered over him for a split second. Devon heard the scream of the actuators as they forced the massive foot down towards him. Just as Devon squeezed his eyes shut he heard the massive impact of armor against armor as Amanda's Battle Master flew into the Atlas causing it to stagger to it's left and it's massive foot miss it's target.
    Devon looked out and watched as Amanda picked herself off the ground like pollen floating in the wind. He saw her manage to bring her Mech to it's feet and fire her massive PPC into the skull head of the Atlas which had only begun to get onto it's knees. He yelled "YES" as he watched the Atlas's head take the full brunt of Amanda's attack, and kept demanding out loud that his sister attack the skull like head since the Atlas's body armor was so strong.
    The PPC did it's job and slammed into the armor of the Atlas's head, but Devon knew as well as Amanda that this was indeed a AS7-D Atlas and that a few more shots may be required to silence such a powerful Mech. They were correct when they saw the Atlas regain it's feet acting like the PPC blast to the head was nothing more than a mere insect. Devon flinched when he saw the massive autocannon fire at Amanda. The cannon impacted her Battle Master dead center in the torso, but did little to deter her. Amanda once again brought her Battle Master to full speed and jumped again into the Atlas causing it to stagger back. Amanda targeted the Atlas's skull and fired her SRM 6 at it. Four of the small missiles impacted the Atlas skull like head while the other two landed on the torso just below the Atlas's "chin". The force of the impact stunned the pilot and gave Amanda the second she needed. She closed in and made her right hand into a fist and punched the Atlas square between the eyes. Amanda saw a crack open up as she did, and she brought her PPC up, placed it against the crack and fired. The crack in the armor of the Atlas's skull like head opened up as the particle projection cannon's lightning came in contact with it. The massive Atlas's limbs dropped to it's side and the Mech fell back crashing into the ground with such a force that one of the Mechs arms was torn from it.
    Amanda turned her mech to look at her brothers Marauder and she could see him smiling at her from his seat. She felt a flood of relief wash over her when she realized he was ok and was amazed the Mech still had power when she heard his voice on the com.
    Amanda couldn't hold back the laughter and burst out when she heard her brother simply say.
    "Oh shut up little sister."

The End

Author Notes: I think it's ok for children, but the choice is entirely up to the parents.

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9 Feb, 2015
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