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The Silence: Chapter 1

The Silence: Chapter 1

By waitingtobesaved

Her mascara. It was running all down her face. I wasn't really good friends with her, we said "hello" a time or two, but I'd never had a conversation with her. I couldn't ask her what was wrong. I looked around. There was nobody. Nobody on either side of me, all down the hallway, until you turned the corner to the main doors of the cafeteria. I started to walk over to her, and from some really odd reason, my heart was pounding. Something about those popular girls, you just can't talk to them. I wanted to be nice. No, I wanted to be nosy. I crouched down on my knees, to her level. She didn't even look at me. I had the feeling she knew that I was staring at her from down by my locker. I thought for two seconds for letting some unprocessed words slip out.
"What's up?" I blinked.
Twenty seconds was eternity. I didn't want to immediately change what I said, like I was barging into her life.
"I mean, what's wrong?" Her eyes met mine. She took a deep breath and run her eyes with her perfectly white sleeves. They had small black smudges on them now. I realized she wasn't going to talk if I wasn't understanding. I went from crouching position, to leaning against the wall with my knees up and my hands tied around them.
"Look, I know we haven't talked or been much of friends, but I've been through a lot, if you want to talk about anything," I said, heart still pounding. I didn't know what was wrong with her or what she would say or do. She let out another long sigh. The two words that suddenly slipped out of her lips made me think.
"I' can't," she whispered. Can't what? I didn't know what she meant. What could I say to clear things out.
"You're--" I began, but she interrupted me, by stretching her legs out, and then standing up. I didn't know what she meant or what she was just doing. Why was she walking away? I was so nice to her, or at least I tried to be. She made her way into the bathroom and she closed the door behind her. I didn't even know those doors did close. I saw the light, from under the door. It suddenly turned dark. What was she doing in there. I heard a loud crying noise break out, then nothing else. No noise, no light. Silence.

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8 Feb, 2013
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2 mins
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