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The Size of Your Dreams
The Size of Your Dreams

The Size of Your Dreams

BeowulfAnthony E
2 Reviews

Walked over to the park today

Saw a game being run up n down

Who's got next I say

Three bigs turn around


"Kid you're too small"

"Kid u can't play"

"Gotta be tall"

I heard them say


Rejected not selected

Felt terrible all day

Didn't buy it, but sat quiet

For my chance to play


Game point, a player down

They point in my direction

Who me, could it be?

Humbled by my selection


Two feet short, but on the court

My defense, biting, intense

Proving my worth, ambitious since birth

Stole his pocket, pure excellence


After that crime, pulled up on a dime

Slipped the dish, heard the sweet swish

Players stop, drop to give me props


Size is just a pencil mark on the wall

The basketball doesn't recognize small

Work that iron will, handle that pill

Dreams don't stand still and never will


Size don't matter much though it seems

All that matters is: The Size of Your Dreams...


Author Notes: Short kid's book that reflects on dreaming big, not taking no for an answer, and working for a goal (pun intended).

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Anthony E
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8 Apr, 2021
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