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The Skeleton Deer
The Skeleton Deer

The Skeleton Deer


She was taking a walk in the woods, again. She does this every night after dinner, especially when she's upset, especially if she's upset because of her parents arguing.

The moonlight shone faintly through the gloomy clouds and the dark, dancing shadows of the leaves.

Strange, she thought, there is no wind tonight, why are the leaves dancing?

As she wandered further into the woods, taking a path she never took before, she caught a silver glimmer at the edge of her eye. A wolf.

She turned just in time to see the wolf, along with its pack, pounce on a magnificent deer who had been staring at her. The wolf pack hungrily tore the deer open as it struggled helplessly under the grasp of their strong jaws.

Soon, the wolf pack satisfied their hunger and was gone as suddenly as they appeared.

She took a step closer to inspect the deer. She pushed aside the bushes and stepped into the clearing where the moon shined down brightly onto the remains of the deer.

She looked down and gasped at what she saw.

The wolves took away most of the deer's flesh, though bits still hung from its bones, dripping blood down onto the grass. The weird thing was, the wolf left its heart inside the rib cage, they didn't even touch it. And it was still beating.

The skeleton deer lifted its head and sniffed the clear night air mixed with a heavy smell of blood. It shakily stood up on its feet and trotted away.

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7 Dec, 2018
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1 min
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