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The Soccer Lovers

The Soccer Lovers

By Darth_Cozz

"JAKE STEALS THE BALL, HES APPROACHING THE GOAL, HE SHOOTS HE SCORES!!!!!!!" The announcer screams. " YEA Jake!" The soccer teams cheers.This crownes Talley's soccer team undefeated for the winter.
" Did you see that clutch play Cassy!" Kate exclaimed. " Yea, it was amazing." Cassandra says shyly.
Cassandra is an shy girl with dirtyblond hair, kate calls her Cassy, shes relitively short for her grade (7 grade) and all ways wears a black and purple aero pastel sweater to school. Everyone envied her beautiful looks, but she never saw herself as a good looking girl. "You should go congradulate him Cassy, look here he comes now!" Kate said "Oh no! Hide me Kate!" Cassandra quickly responded as she ran off. " Hi Jake." Kate said while waving "Hey Kate! Whats up?" Jake responds. "Oh not much. I came to watch the game with Cassandra! But she ran off for... A DRINK. Yea she was very thirsty." Kate explained to Jake " Well if you see her tell her i need to ask her something." Jake says playfully. " No problem Jake! I'll send her ASAP!" Kate says with a smile on her face. What does he want with me? Cassandra thinks. Jake then walks off. "CASSY!!!!!" kate screamed. "What?!?!" Cassandra says angrily. "Hehe sorry, Jake needs to talk to-" "Yea yea I heard" Cassandra inturupts." What do you think he wants?" " Beats the hell out of me! You should go talk to him!" Kate answers "Uh i dont know Kate.." Cassandra says shyly. "Oh what do you have to loose!" Kate says cheerfully "I dont know..." Cassandra says " Cassy gawd damnit your going, hell I'll even pay you to go talk to him!" Kate yells. "Fine... I guess your right. I'll do it." Cassandra says " You wont be dissapointed Cassy, I promise!" Kate says to cheer cassandra up. "I hope your right Kate" Cassandra says.

Later The Next Day:
"Hey Cassandra" Jake screams out to her " I gotta talk to you!" oh no! Cassandra thinks. Before she has time to run Jake is right next to her " Uh hi jake' Cassandra manages to get out. Oh god I hope he doesnt notice me shaking. Cassandra thinks " Uh I was woundering if you know what the answer to number 6 on our math homework is?" Jake asks. "yea its...43.5" Cassandra says nervously. " How did I get 93!?! Thanks Cassy!" Jake thanks. He called me Cassy! Cassandra thinks to herself. " I gotta go to next period . Bye Jake." Cassandra says as she sprints off dropping her Cell phone. "Hey! you forgot this" Jake says. " Well looks like I gotta get this back to her. I'll stop by her house to give it back."
OMG my heart is pounding!! Cassandra thinks to herself. Im just glad its the last period of the day. After Science Cassandra runs straight home. On her way home she realizes she dropped her cell phone "Shit." Cassandra says to herself. " Im never gonna find it now!" Cassandra finally gets home and goes straight to her couch and falls asleep. She dreaming about Jake and her getting together and kissing. Her wounderful dream is inturrupted by her doorbell after 30 minutes. Her parents dont get home for anouther hour and a half. She opens the door and gasps. Its Jake. " Hi Cassy!" Jake says happily. " Uh, hi Jake." Cassandra says shyly "what are you doing here?" "You dropped your cell phone when you ran off today. I came to bring it back." Jake says "Thanks Jake! See you tomarrow." Cassandra says quickly " Wait Cassy I also want to ask you what I really wanted to ask you in school today. Cassy I love you, I want you to be mine! I dont care who you love I will make you love me! Please give me a chance" Jake pleaded. Cassandra was blown away by his confession. She starts to tear up. " Im sorry Cassy. We can just be friends" Jake says sadly "But I want to be more then friends Jake! I love you I allways have!" Cassandra says quickly. With out hesitation Jake scoops Cassandra up in his arms. They hug and kiss eachother for the next 15 minutes. She finally invites him in her home and they watch a sceary movie together.

The Next day:
To be continued...
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18 Dec, 2011
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