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The Soldiers Daught

The Soldiers Daught

By lillith123 - 1 Review

Sarah was 5 when her father had left to Afghanistan. She never understood why her left but when she turned 5 he didn't come home. Her mother was so sorry. So for her 5th birthday she had a video call with him. Sarah was his little soldier. She was always strong because seh knew he would come home. But one day while on video chat. Her father had said something smelled funny. He got up and walked to the door of the tent. And before her eyes there was an explosion! Sarah screamed! Her mother tried to calm her down but she also had troubles believing this.

Sarah is standing in front of her grade one class telling this story. Today is show and tell. But she wanted to tell te class about her dad.

"I loved my dad very much, but you see that day that he died i kept saying over and over in my head that i was his little soldier and i will survive this war. Even if it gets tough."

A few months had gone by and a knock came at the door. Sarah went over and opened it. Outside were 2 cars. One had the Sargent of her fathers crew and the other had the pilots her father worked with. She was just wondering why there where at here house. They had already gotten the news that he was dead. But before her eyes was the man she had longed to see. She ran all the way into his arms. But what she didn't know is this was all a dream.

She woke with tears down her face. She looked over at her night stand the clock had read 11:00 pm. But what stunned her the most was a pink rose. With the rose was a note. It read " My brave little soldier. I am so sorry i had to leave like that, and you had to see. But always remember that i am with you, love Your Daddy" every night at 11:00pm Sarah would wake up and there would be different notes and different colored roses. Her mother didn't know how they got there either. They just appeared like His spirit is still living.

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4 May, 2011
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