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The Spanish Pony
The Spanish Pony

The Spanish Pony


All her life, Janice had a mansion of a dream to own a beautiful steed like the book "Black Stallion" or the other book "Black Beauty." In downtown Houston, in the fifties, there was a five and dime store called Woolsworth. Ever so often, Janice and her mom got on the bus and went riding downtown to the doctor's office. As a child, Janice had asthma, allergies and hives, but going to the doctor was a treat. Everytime, they went Janice got a ten cent horse from the five and dime. The little horses stood about 3 inches high and Janice had a collection.

"Oh and Woolsworth has a soda fountain too," exclaimed Janice.

The front yard flower bed was her Wild West area in the dirt. It was complete with sticks for fence and large and small match boxes for stables and wagons. The inside of the small match box was the wagon without wheels. It measured about one and half inches by two inches.

Also riding a mop handle with rope for reins was a good horse. "Gitty up" and "Whoa" drove her sister to slamming her window shut.

"Mom, if anybody loves me, they will get me a horse," Janice pleaded in her pitiful voice with bottom lip sticking out.

"No place to keep it and not enough money to feed it," Mom replied. Dad had already said no.

One fine day in March, Janice got married and her husband bought her the perfect horse. A bay gelding, black legged, Spanish pony about 14 hands high with good gait and she named him Tanner. Once on his back he held his head and tail high to show off his beauty and make his rider proud. With her good brushing he shined like a copper penny or at least a man with a great tan.

Somebody loved her and her mansion of a dream came true.

The End

Author Notes: For young girls who love horses.

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19 Apr, 2021
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