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The Spider

The Spider

By Natdizzle

walking outside the house and b y the door is a huge black spider of coarse i assumed was a black widow.. looks slow moving like a female not trying to hurt anyone and i knew there was more around me so i turned around and looked up and there was another one so i started to go into my room to get a cup for the one that was not poisenous to put it outside (normally i put spiders in the "spider area" which is a nice grassy spot near a "spider friendly looking area") but the black widow was in the doorway and it was too dangerous, so i was on my way to my room when i saw another spider (by the way the second spider was a SPEED DEMON no joke he was 10 miles an hour so he was hard to catch (but not that hard) after i got back to my room i took the third spider outside out the front door which was the other entrance that was not blocked, but it acctually turned out it had a hidden spider on the roof ( below the gutter area, scarry what if it drops on ur head... i have had experiences like that like the last postt i put on facebook about the green spider dangling from the roof 1 foot near my head)) anyway so the third spider is in the cup (its a huge bugler tin) i was thinking about what to do with the black widow or was i was sure was then my roomate michael came out and sai d "dam thats a huge black spider" and killed it. looking back i wish we could have teamed up to catch and release the spider and i really dont want to get into it but i would have liked that more but it may be dangerous cause some people say its a kill or be killed world , i guess i would rather kill then be killed, but i still want to pursure catch and release cause i think thats the right thing to do unless its kill or be killed thats right too if its too dangerous, anyway i took the theird spidr outside and put it in the wood chip area came back for the second which run the 1 miles speed but i got it in a cup and michael was there which was nice for support cause its been a dangerous night and that was dangerous to be around but i went out the door that had the black widow next to it cause it was dead (he said he REALLY got it) its kind of a serious thing for me cause im not perfect anymor e and i cant be around stuff like that cause like i was telling michael i live a dangerous lifestyle and i cant have things going wrong or things go wrong all the time and i have to be around safe things all the time cause i cant control what happens anymore im like a rockstar live fast die young ya know anyway so i had the second spider in a tin with a lid and i brought it outside like the first spider and put it in that nice grassy area i was talking about kinda bumpy on the way out sorry spider its a tough time anyway theres still one up there could be dangerous i want to forget about it and hope it finds its way AWAY .. sometimes i guess what happens here is people leave the door open at night we were just talking about it we decided to close it at night cause there is a small spot undr the screen where spiders and fit through and i live in the "jungle" .. anyway i feel bad we had to kill the spider i wish we could have used teamwork and im putting myself in danger doing what i think is right but that was out of my control and i dont want spiders thinking i want to be around them.. anyway im going to get some prunes for some reason i think that helps with black widows (think plums / black widows / color)

Author Notes: intended for facebook

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30 Apr, 2013

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