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The Spiritual Technologists
The Spiritual Technologists

The Spiritual Technologists

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

You've made many advancements
Technological enhancements
And for that we commend you.
But out here on our planets
By far we transcend you.

Outside the circus of circuits
The delights of devices
And the gamut of gadgets
Lies a wider circle
Loftier heights
And what you might call magic.

We know the mechanism of your reality
Is fueled by all that is sensory
But we wish to encourage intimacy
With the reality of spiritual energy.

Long ago it became our mission
To make the next level transition
From all material ambitions
To harnessing the energies
Of the unseen dimensions.

We wish for you to see
That the cure for all disease
Will never be complete
By vaccines and machines
Medical routines
Or pharmaceutical techniques.

There is a deeper realm
(We hope you will hear it)
There miracles are found --
The world of the spirit.

At the crosspoint between humans and lions
Awaits the promise of a brand new science.

Study these lines
Hold them in mind.
They will make more sense
When more time is spent.

© Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
16 Jun, 2018
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<1 min
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