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The Sprite Bottle

The Sprite Bottle

By Breanna Bodden

she sat in the rain, letting it soothe her burned skin. as she laid down she allowed her mind to drift back to the day that changed her lie forever.
"come on, you know i love roller coasters"
"mom no i just ate, and you know that i hate them"
she had agreed to ride one just once. to please her mom. while they road the coaster, it had derailed killing her mom and leaving her badly burned. the police had showed up and she ran. she could NOT bear to tell the things that she knew. so she ran and ran and ran, until she felt like she would burst. it had started to rain and so she had stopped to get some relief from her burns. then she realized that her mom wold have liked her to go to the police. she should make her mom happy. besides, she had to go to the funeral.

she stood up and brushed her pants off. when she got to the police station she asked for the chief. they sat in a room to talk.

"we found what derailed the ride, it was a sprite bottle"
"ooooohhhhh"  a low moan escaped her lips as she went back to that day once more. she saw her getting ready to get on the ride. she had to throw away her drink so she chugged it and tossed it at the can. it missed and rolled down the ramp towards the ride and under the tracks. she had thought nothing of it but now she shook with grief. the last thing she remembers is the green plastic of a sprite bottle rolling towards the underside of the railing.

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About The Author
Breanna Bodden
About This Story
25 Oct, 2014
Read Time
1 min
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