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The Stars in the Night
The Stars in the Night

The Stars in the Night

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My family is shattered like a glass smashed by a hammer, these arguments brought up by my parents, the glass table shattered during those arguments, are still a vivid image of what i can only see when i close my eyes since that day.

The pain that pierced my heart when I see my mom crying in the living room as i peeked through the iron railing from upstairs was unbearable, just like grinding my heart on the coarse road of misery.

Years after years, the pure black of the night, along with the comforting stars always had me gazing at it, I always feel comforted when I see the stars get along so well, I hoped my past was just like the stars, getting along so well, shining so brightly, so beautifully that not only me, the others, could admire it too.

On a faithful night, while gazing at the night sky and into the warming stars, I closed my eyes, reimagining of how my past could be so happy and blessed, before i knew it, I woke up on the break of dawn, I could see the sun swallowing the night sky and the stars fading into nothingness, time passed and the stars were not visible anymore.

From that beautiful view, I got to know that happiness are actually everywhere, it is up to you if you want to find it or not.

After that day, I did not gaze at the glassy night skies anymore, as i know that the comforting stars are everywhere, surrounding me, giving me courage, hope and happiness.

Author Notes: This is my first time posting a story online and i'm not a good English writer nor speaker. please give me feedback on where i can improve and share this short story with your friends and families!

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7 Feb, 2019
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