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The Starline Expressway

The Starline Expressway

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

Deep red paint coated the faces as a kind of metallic armor to a knight. The paneling was lined with dark wooden beams clean cut and sanded and perfectly nailed to the warm golden body beneath. Exacted circular bronzed wheels turned at an enormous pace clicking and clacking as they performed their duties all linked together by thick coppery bars, so they all were forced to work together as bees in a hive; polished clean and bright so they gleamed in the subtle light. Hardy spokes rattled and hissed as snakes as the clicking and clacking continued. Atop the structure, a Brobdingnagian chimney plated in pure gold grandeur polished to perfection with a sheer embellished edge depicting an ornate swirl. A symbol. A logo perhaps? Embedded into its metallic flesh.

Beneath, huge bronze boarded windows stretched all down the carriages as far as the eye could see with vast expanses of crystalline panes as clear as ice. Thin netted ivory drapes attempted to lock the world out in some carriages; obscuring the gentle light seeking to emit from without. Beyond the drapes and the windows elaborate crimson velveteen armed seats with bright copper side tables elevating neatly arranged bowls of oddly presented snacks and treats and bright cocktails in large transparent flutes and glasses with gentle bubbles and decorations. Wonderfully dressed ladies and gentlemen in suits and long lacy evening dresses in shades of violet and crimson and emerald came and went as moths seeking the sprouted beams of light between the champagne and the riches and the glamour and the delicately hanging stars.

Behind, pitch darkness corrupted only by the imperfect luminance of glistening ethereal stars. In the faint distance, a white celestial orb in a perfect full sphere. Floating. A sudden blast of steam bellowed from the golden chimney obscuring the moon from view. The body was too obscured as it gathered a greater speed and raced far away. Next stop: Midnight.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
17 Aug, 2019
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1 min
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