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the start

the start

By alexander

There was once a boy and he lived in a little village of Dumveal it wasent to big it had a market ,blacksmith and a large part of the population were farmers but this boy was never a part of the village. He had been put on the doorstep of the blacksmith when kalik's wife woke up and she came out to go to the market she found him on the cold door slep whit a little blankit around him she took pitty on him and they called him daska he grew up learning how to be a blacksmith but that all chanched that day he was out to one of the outer farms he had to colect pay from the farmer for fixin a plou. When he got there the farmer wasent there he went around the back of the farm to the house when he got there there was someone comming out of the house but it wasent the farmer this thing had a black clok and a masked face and the rest of his body was raped in white silkbut his eyes were mad of pure evil they were all black with no couler or white in them.......

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About This Story
28 Oct, 2011
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1 min
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