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The Story Of Anna Hart : Before, During, and After.

The Story Of Anna Hart : Before, During, and After.

By marimama

September 14, 2000 was when it all began. Kizzy Kay Money was a twenty-four year old female just living her life sexually active and unemployed. She had lost her virginity somewhere in the gutter at the age of sixteen and after that, her life revolved around keeping the reputation of a small town beauty queen whore and that talk had gotten around to her mother, Theresa Money. Her mother was so filled up with anger she insisted that Kizzy that protection is a requirement for this ritual she had created for herself. Kizzy's stomach was tied with knots when she was informed about this unfortunate news but since she was still able to undergo her newly made ritual, she persisted because sex was what she liked the best. One day, Kizzy was feeling pretty fucking rebellious so she said, "fuck it." and proceeded with her ritual without protection going against her mothers words. The man she was with was very tall, maybe around the height of 6 feet and 7 inches just like his thick, black throbbing cock. He had no hair considering he was black, shocker right? Ha, no. Anyway as I was saying, he looked like a typical nigger and as for his personality, it was rather different than the average. This male who I do not know the name of was very sweet and assertive just like Kizzy always wanted and more. He was able to fiddle his hands around her bulky nose and find that sexy ass hot spot no one has ever been able to touch before. He twisted her around, spread apart her fragile butt cheeks and shove that cock in like there was no tomorrow. He was the only person that Kizzy could open her heart up to due to the fact she was bipolar and only fucked polar bears and people of the female gender, it was a bonus if they had a tight ass pussy sparkling like the midnight sky in a deserted area kinda like in those romantic films. With this being the case, Kizzy trusted him enough to rebel for once in her life. Two weeks after that eventful night she awoke to a fright! Her clam wasn't bleeding, that time of the month wasn't arriving, it was late. Kizzy had found out she was pregnant with a female. Nobody gives a fuck about Kizzy anymore it's time to move on to the bitch that came out of her fucking vagina flaps. On May 18th, 2001 that bitch came out the oven baked to perfection, she was white. Her name was Anna Karen Hart and she grew up depressed due to the fact that her mother, Kizzy Kay Money was no longer Kizzy Kay Money... she was Kizzy Kay Broke and unemployed! It was all her fucking fault because that little bitch didn't use protection like her mama said. Anna was very upset, she didn't have very many felines to hang around and noticed that everyone else did. By the time she was five years old she had her first dog. It was some sort of alien thing and it was fucking weird and its name was, Spot. What type of fucking name is that, seriously? That bitch didn't even any spots like what the fuck? Anyway, Spot died. R.I.P Spot. Just kidding he ran away. Anna was devastated. Could love really be that easy to just go away like that? Was that how it really was? She shook her head and gave it some thought, that was just a crush. Her mother tried to help her by getting a new bitch named Mama and Anna was eager to accept such beauty. Mama really was beautiful. She had big mamas, a nice round mama, and a beautiful mama pattern with peppers on the side. Anna and Mama took quite awhile to start going steady but once they did, Mama ran away. Anna was fucking devastated again and she started killing herself every night before bed. Anna began to wonder how much she was worth if she was worth anything at all. Mama had ruined her life and ripped out her heart and ate it like a fucking thanksgiving dinner. Her esophagus was slurped up like a little worm squirming for help. A big black dick man crashed through the living room and started beating Anna the fuck up and broke off her limbs and in the end, she had a new dog. This dog was not like any other. Anna Karen Hart had found the love her life and knew that right after she laid her eyes on him, Poochy. The dog who saved her fucking life. Poochy and Anna were going steady for a year but there was a lemony twist. Each night before bed, Anna would put peanut butter on her nipples, her buttox, and her clam. She would perform a little strip tease for Poochy followed by bdsm all night long and this caused Poochy to go mad! He was losing hair like a saturday night bagel fucking a television after a hard day at work. The world was coming to an end for Poochy and Anna but he didn't know how to break the news to her so he became terribly ill. Together they scheduled an appointment at the vet due to gonorrhea that he had developed and right after that, they were on their way. It was a beautiful car ride for Anna seeing her dogs dick flap in the wind as the windows were rolled down but it was an extragant car ride for Poochy because he jumped out the window and ran away never to be seen again. Stupid bitch little fucking bitch fuck you you little fucking cunt fuck you.

Long story short :

Anna Karen Hart's dog became sick and then her mom was taking them to the vet and her dog fucking jumped out the fucking window and ran away never to be seen again.

Author Notes: hey mom

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19 May, 2013
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4 mins
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