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The Story of a Boy and Girl
The Story of a Boy and Girl

The Story of a Boy and Girl

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I knew a boy,

He smiled and laughed,

He hung out with a little tomboy,

They lived across the street,


Together they would play

Until their mothers called them in,

A story with an ending not too sweet,


They grew up,

And from lines that crossed all day

They became parallel,

He took for the cool crowd,

Surrounded by the fast lane,

But the girl

Her mind had become a dark cloud,


Long nights spent wondering

Where he had gone,

Being just across the street,

So close

But the walk was too big a feat


Even older they grew,

Still in school,

And she had grown to think her old best friend

Had become a tool,

The boy no longer thought about the nights spent

Seeing who could go faster on their bike around the bend,

The days spent bouncing on the trampoline

And thinking they could fly,


No this boy no longer cared,

He spent time with his new friends,

He went to parties,

And all the beautiful girls

All the tens,


The girl was still a tomboy,

Still wore jeans instead of leggings,

And it was all gone

Her joy,

A sad girl she had grown to be,

She wished for the days of flight,

Not for her internal fight,


While the boy had been away,

Her father had as well,



Never coming back,

She needed her old friend

Where was he

In her time of need

He was different now

A new kind of breed


And she’d pass him in the hallways,

And he’d see her walk home,

These long nights and days,

Spent being alone,


To tell the truth

This isn’t the story of a girl and boy

It’s the story of me and you

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25 Jan, 2018
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