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The Story of Jess
The Story of Jess

The Story of Jess

Crissy_ColeJess Rash

let me start my story from back when i was a small demon

hun she will be a beautiful little demon we just cant let anyone know about this as luccifer takes her daughter back to the under world and says good bye to his love not knowing how his lil demon will turn out {17 years later} sweetie come on we must go meet with the gate keepers so you can go up to the human world but father what agout my powers i havent yet to control them what if they try to kill me my princess your 17 and not only that daughter of luccifer a future queen no one would day lay a finger on you and ill make sure of that now come come my dear yes father {as they arive at the gate and the keeper talks with luccifer jess sees something that catches her eyes} father whos is that {she points to a man looking as if made of complete darkness] hun thats just some demon you havent been out of the castle for this long if u say so father {she stays at the man with a blush but when she looks away and looks back the man is gone she hopse to see this man again one day} {3 years later} good bye father im off to find mother stay safe sweetie there can be some very bad people out there i will father {as jess goes to the gate and enters the human relm she hopes to find her mother her father said she should be somewhere}

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Jess Rash
About This Story
4 Nov, 2020
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1 min
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