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The story of life

The story of life

By Bean

This is a story about a girl who realized life is amazing when you open your eyes. It all started the first day of 7th grade. Her name was Sabrina. Sabrina was very shy she hated talking to people. Don't get me wrong she loved talking but to creatures or to herself. She only made like 3 friends atleast at the beginning of the year which were Richard, jesilee and katherine. Richard was her bestfriend since day one. She started to fall in love with him too well anyway back to my story. So she was going through a really tough time around septemberish. She didnt like people but she did like to run so she ran in cross country. Those 8 weeks were the best weeks of her life. It relieved stress. Sabrina met my first actual friend Jesilee we've been bestfriends since oh and i cant forget about katherine either they took her under their wings everybody thought Sabrina and jesilee were sisters lol. She had so much fun in cross country She met a lot of good people. After cross country ended she literally almost died. Sabrina decided she would run away. So she did she ran away with Raina and Dulce. She thought it was a good idea. Now i'll tell you the reason Sabrina ran away and what she planned to do once gone. She ran away because she got bullied everyday for how she looked and how she talked just everything. Sabrina didnt fit in and decided she was happy with her friends so they could just live together right? Heres what Sabrina planned to do, so since she live in omaha nebraska they have the nebraska iowa bridge she planned on cutting open her stomache and jumping off therefor commiting suicide. Nobody knows this was her plan exceptt for her therapist but now i guess the whole world knows.She only made it to the next neighborhood. A couple hours later the cops burst in to the shed they were hiding in and Sabrina was the first one to go into hand cuffs and thrown into the cop car. She went to juvenile detention and now has a record. She only went for a day so her mom could cool off from everything. Sabrina came home again in hand cuffs She was grounded for 4 months till christmas. Before christmas she dug a blade into her skin making 26 cuts on her arm just from that one night. She felt terrible like she just killed herself but still being alive. After that her grades started slipping from B's A's to D's F's she got grounded again and then grades came out again and she got grounded once again. Now she's working to get her grades up and she's stopped cutting for a month.If you havent realized it yet this girl is me. i hope you guys learn that there is light in the darkness of the tunnel. Never give up hope. I also realized 109 cuts later that its not worth it.

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About This Story
22 Apr, 2013
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2 mins
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