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the story of a life

the story of a life

By bear

Us,human,we live life trying our best knowing we will alll die soon.We have many emotion,but about 50% of the time is depression.Many are about love,friendship,and all thoose dramatic event,but the thing you all wait the most is for someone to love you.You dont want to feel lonely, you dont want to feel sad,so you go and do something crazy,like cutting yourself.

I'm going to tell you the story of a life.

You stand there watching the rain on the window seeing the rain drop drip,drip.You wait for something to happen,You pray for something good to happen.Then you here your parent screaming at each other.The next thing you know,they just got divorce.You didnt want to believe and you didnt want to then finnally relise life just got more complicated. you get toss back and forth because weekday you go here and weekend you go wanted to say im only human .iddint do anything to deserve think that god hate you for this but then you sit in the cornor and said that you were confuse.

There might be a time that someone going to betray you, because they would never keep your secret and all that,so life got more complited. Have you ever heard a phrase?

She died cause of ta broken heart .well that is a story that can seem very not important at all,but to this kid it can be like the rest of her life was ruin

Author Notes: i dint really check my grammar and the writing so if there is a mistake please ignore

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1 Feb, 2014
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