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The Story of My Life.
The Story of My Life.

The Story of My Life.

Legolas_GreenleafπŸ“ π’žπ’½π“Šπ’Έπ“€ πŸ“
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5 years old

Life was so good Friends were nice, Minds were carefree, People were unknowing and innocent I made no mistakes.

6 years old

I liked everyone, everyone was nice, I hung with the popular group, no one bothered me. I made one mistake. I thought they liked me back.

7-9 years old

I used to write rough drafts for stories I thought people liked. Now I write rough drafts for suicide notes.

Dear Life,

Maybe in my next one, you will treat me well.


The Invisible

Dear Life,

Do you think jumping was a good idea? Maybe I should have stabbed my heart. No one wants it anyway.


Supposed to be Heartless

10 years old

A new school? This is just SwEll. That's what I need, new torchers, new bullies. Just, keep your head low and stay out of anyone's way. And great, now we have to share self-written stories every morning. This is what got me into this pit.


Wait? What? They like my stories? No. Yes? She wants to be my friend? No way, Amelia is way too cool to want to be my friend. Do I want to be her friend? Of course! Maybe this year won't be so bad, they seem to like..................... Me.

11-13 years old

So this is what acceptance is. It's beautiful. Sure they all think I'm a retard, or weird. But they are mistaken now. What they think is weirdness is really confidence. Something they lack. Sometimes I cry. Because I pretend that when they say things, it doesn't hurt me when it really does. But the thing about pretending is that if you pretend long enough and have people that bring you up. You don't have to pretend.

Author Notes: This is a story about me, it doesn't go into much detail. But essentially I went from being happy-go-lucky, to as I like to say 'living my sad, grumpy, teenage years' when I was supposed to still be a happy kid. And now I'm back to being happy-go-lucky and confident.

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πŸ“ π’žπ’½π“Šπ’Έπ“€ πŸ“
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10 Dec, 2019
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