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The Story Of Summer Love

The Story Of Summer Love

By magnaboy01

Some people think that Love dont exist, its just a word, used for recognizing the belief of caring, but for me, its really different, this story starts on a party, a break up, and a two young people who are the one for each other....

Boy: Hey, u having fun?
Girl: Nah, its pretty boring,
Boy: Oh?, so whats up with u?
Girl: Nothing just broke up with my boyfriend...:|
Boy: Oh...thats sad, my girlfriend just broke up with me...
Girl: What happened?
Boy: She had enough of me, i tried everything changed for her, i know i did something horrible, and made her cry, but its too late for me to give up now, but oh well, i guess i lost another one thats worth it..
Girl: oh thats sad, what did you do?
Boy: Horrible stuff...:|
Girl: oh well dont worry i know someone out there deserves you better...
Boy: aight im gonna go now, my friends calling me over there..
Girl: Okay bye...^_^

As the night passed away, the two people went home and added each other on facebook...They talked about stuff alot, made each other laughed, became bestfriends and one day....

Boy: Hey whats up?
Girl: Hey :|
Boy: Whats wrong?
Girl: Nothing, its just, my ex boyfriend tells everything what we did,
Boy: Oh? :( thats sad, dont worry..:| well if ur happy and u know u clap your hands *clap clap* ^_^
Girl: ^_^ ehehe thx for being there for me..
Boy: No problem at all...
Girl: So whats up?
Boy: Nothing much, thinking what i should do to make this girl like me :(
Girl: Oh which girl? she must be pretty lucky :( im jealous...jk xDD so what can i help yah?..
Boy: Help me stuff, tell me examples on what i should do,
Girl: well if it was me, i like a boy who wears wierd stuff, and thats different than everybodies, i like him sweet..
Boy: thx for you help (:

Next Day......they saw each other at the mall...hanged for awhile..

Girl: Why r u wearing that? its pretty wierd xD
Boy: Oh lol because the one i love is here ^_^ thx for your advice..

As the girl sit beside him watched him wait for his the one, she got heart broken cuz she liked him and loved him already...

Girl: Where is she?
Boy: Wait a couple of minutes lemme go find her (:
Girl: Okay ill sit here and wait..

Hours later...the boy came back...saying...

Boy: Hey I found her ^_^
Girl: Where is she?
Boy: In front of me <3
Girl: but im the only one in front of you...
Boy: Exactly, I love you...<3
Girl: Smiled and said, I love you too.... the two walks together at the same time, they banished in the story and lived happily ever after...

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About The Author
About This Story
3 Feb, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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