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The Story of the Evil Queen
The Story of the Evil Queen

The Story of the Evil Queen


The Story of the Evil Queen

Evly was a little girl when her parents died in a car accident. She lived in a village and so the villagers took care of in the village. While growing up there she fell in love with a boy named Mira and he was from the same village as Evly. She started hanging out with him more often. And then one day Mira proposed to Evly and Evly said yes without hesitation. Late night after the celebration of their engagement, Ezmia, Evly’s friend, kidnapped Evly. Ezmia was an ugly-looking girl and Evly’s best friend who lived in the same village and liked the same guy who was engaged to Evly, Mira. Ezmia was so sick of Evly after knowing that everyone was very happy when Evly got engaged to Mira. She was so jealous of her she kidnapped Evly and took her to a place very far.

They reached to that place by the morning of the next day. It was located in the north-eastern corner of the world. Ezmia found a small cottage that could work for both of them. All Evly did was cry for days and she kept repeating the name “Mira.”

Ezmia wanted Evly to help her destroy the world so no one would appreciate Evly anymore. And when the world knows that someone is planning to destroy the world, Ezmia can say that Evly forced her to do everything. Then Evly will have the worst reputation in the world. Even Mira would leave Evly.

The only problem was Evly. Her eyes were swollen from crying. One day Ezmia understood that Evly will not do anything if Mira is not there. She decided to go back to the village and get Mira. She realized that if Mira helps them as well she will get more than enough time to spend with Mira to get him to like her. And then at the end when she saves herself she can also save Mira with her.

When she was driving back to the village a car hit her and someone came out of the car in the direction of Ezmia, wearing a hood and a mask so she couldn’t tell who it was. They got a device out and zapped Ezmia with it and left the device and a spray bottle with a wierd solution in the car with a note that said “Here Ezmia, This will give you powers. Go ahead and zap Evly with. I already zapped you. She will go unconscious after that, spray this solution on their face to wake them up.” Ezmia fell unconscious after the zap just as it said in the note. The hooded creature sprayed the solution on Ezmia’s face that woke her up and then they quickly ran away.

When Ezmia woke up she saw the note and the device and the spray bottle. After reading the note, Ezmia quickly drove home to try it on Evly. Ezmia was really happy this was happening but she was afraid that Evly would still not focus on the on what is supposed to be done unless Mira was there. She thought of what she would do about this situation the rest of her drive to the cottage.

When she reached home she showed the note and the materials to Evly. For a moment she forgot about Mira and got excited to get powers. She zapped herself with the zapping device and went unconscious just like Ezmia did. Ezmia sprayed the solution on Evly’s face and she woke up. They decided to try their powers. They got an object in front of them and pointed their fingers at it. Nothing happened. They decided to try again but this they will think of what they want to do with the object. They thought of what they wanted to do with object and pointed their fingers at it. One thought of turning the object into a ball. The other one thought of changing its color to a light pink color. It worked. It did give their fingers a jerky feeling but that was because they used it the first time. They figured that they will get better at if keep practicing.

Even after having powers Evly stuck to her demand. Now Ezmia was frustrated. She brainwashed Evly to make her evil. In a way, it worked. Her evil soul tried to forget Mira but couldn’t. Ezmia then pointed to what she thought was and empty space and thought that Mira would appear. She forgot that no one can ever point to an empty space. Then realized that she was pointing at a mirror. And because of that she accidentally got Mira imprisoned in the mirror. From this Evly’s anger against Ezmia grew. Evly used her magic to create a very dangerous poison and poisoned Ezmia and killed her. She searched through the house trying to find clues of what Ezmia was up to and once she did she realized that Ezmia wanted to take over the World and blame it all on Evly. After thinking about it Evly decided to follow her plan into taking over the world with an alibi of Evil Queen. She got the mirror with Mira in it, The Magic Mirror, and the plans Ezmia had made and ran away.

Later she figures out that there is a spell called the wishing spell that could help her bring Mira back to life. She decided to do it. There was a list of things to collect in order to cast the spell. She hired a huntress and told her to collect all the items.

The huntress told her that the outside world is talking about how she poisoned Ezmia and that they have an arrest warrant for her. “All the outside world is talking about is your evilness. They don’t know your real name so they are going to call you what you want them to call you, The Evil Queen.” said the huntress panicking of what to do next.

After a few days the huntress reported to the Evil Queen saying that they have some of the items but there is another group of kids who are collecting items for the wishing spell as well and the wishing spell can only be used once. The Evil Queen panicked and told her to collect the items as fast as she can. She couldn’t let the kids get ahold of the items.

After getting the letter from the Evil Queen saying her to hurry the huntress thought of an idea. She was going to find the kids and lure them into handing over the wishing spell items to her. When the huntress took some steps closer to an oak tree, she saw some kids hanging out. She thought they were the kids from some orphanage who ran away because they hated the orphanage. She walked past the kids and then she realized that they could also be the kids with the wishing spell items. She turned around to see the kids and decided to make a conversation with them. She asked them where they were from and what were they doing here. The kids, on the other hand, were too naive to figure anything wrong with the lady. So, they told her exactly what they were doing. The huntress smiled. She had found the kids with the wishing spell items.

The huntress made them sure that they can trust her with handing over the items. “You kids should sleep right now and I will look after the items for you. Don’t worry about anything. You can use my blanket if you want and my cushion. But, I think you should sleep now” the huntress said with a convincing voice. The kids agreed. They took her blankets and cushions and went to sleep. As soon as she was sure that the kids are asleep, she took out a knife and stabbed it through one of the kid’s stomachs. She took the bag from that kid and ran away.

When the kids woke up and saw one of their friends dead and the items were stolen, they had lost hope of their wish to be completed. They reported their dead friend to their parents and the parents took care of the rest.

The huntress was happy that she got the items. She took the items to the Evil Queen but the Evil Queen didn’t seem happy.

“Did I miss something, Your Majesty?” the huntress asked perplexedly.

“You missed the main thing that is used to activate this spell. The fairy tears.” The Evil Queen was very angry.

“Oh god. I am so sorry, Your Majesty. I will go get it right away.” The huntress said with tearful eyes.

The Huntress left the room and was headed to the fairy kingdom to get a tear from one of the fairies. As soon as she reached there the most powerful fairy, Emeralda, saw the huntress sneak in and quickly pointed her wand at her and she froze. Emeralda got closer and then released her from the giant ice cube. She asked her what she was doing here. The huntress tried to run away but the fairy froze her again. This time she tied her with ropes to the nearest tree right after unfreezing her. Emeralda asked, “What are you doing here?” once more. The huntress finally said that she was here to get a fairy’s tear for the wishing spell she was gathering for the Evil Queen. Emeralda laughed and then trapped her in the fairy kingdom’s prison.

The Evil Queen waited for days and days for the huntress to return but she never returned. Then she thought that Emeralda might have caught her sneaking in the fairy kingdom and then imprisoned her. Considering that thought, she wondered what she would do next. Before she could tell someone else about the situation, she heard the doorbell. Her instinct said that there was a fairy right outside the door so she ran to the door but when she opened it there was no fairy. She opened the door to 2 little kids, both about 11-year-old, and both crying.

“That’s odd” she thought. “My instincts are never wrong.” and then she realized that one of them might be a fairy. She lead them in and she held the mirror of truth that she found in Ezmia’s chamber back in their old house. She was amazed by what she saw. She saw wings around one of the girls like a fairy. The Evil Queen was happy. She took one of the tear drops onto her finger and sprinkled it on to all of the other items. The second she did that she threw the kids out of the room. It worked. The Wishing Spell worked. The Evil Queen asked for the wishing spell to release Mira from the mirror. For the first minute or so nothing happened but later Mira slowly traveled out of the mirror and once he was all the way out he ran and hugged Evly. In return of the boy the wishing spell took away all of Evly’s powers so she couldn’t do anything bad any more. The couple lived happily ever after.

Author Notes: I took the idea from the book called 'The Land of Stories'.

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2 Jul, 2019
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