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The Strange Neighbor chapter one

The Strange Neighbor chapter one

By zombieKilla99

Maci's POV

"Maci, wake up." I opened my eyes and saw my older sister, Katara close to my face "HIYA!" She said. "Just give me 5 more minutes." I said while throwing a pillow at her. "But it's moving day..." Katara said in a 5-year old voice. Crap! I forgot we were moving. I jumped out of bed and went to my bathroom to get changed. I put on a Blood on The Dancefloor shirt, a pair of neon green skinnys, and my black hi-top converse. After I got dressed, I straightened my hair and did my usual morning routine. I'm gonna miss this place, I thought to myself. I walked over to my My Chemical Romance poster and carefully took it off my wall. After I took it off someone was knocking on my door."Come in." I said. My older brother, Draven came in and said "I found this in my room, and thought that you might like it." He handed me a CD of Blood on The Dancefloor's first album. "Thanks." I said while taking it from him shyly. He looked around and said "Wait! were's the My Chemical Romance poster?!" I giggled and pointed to my bed. He let out a sigh of relief, which caused me to laugh. "You scared me to death!" Draven said walking out of the room. I closed my door and went to my dresser to get my iPod. For almost 3 hours I've been listening to music. I went down-stairs and went to the kitchen. "You ready sweetie?" My mom asked. "Yeah..." I said shyly. We got to the new house in 1 hour. We got out of the car and examened the new house. It isn't a logged house if that's what your wondering. "Welcome to our new home." Mom said nervously. "yippie..." i mumbled. We walked into the house and I almost bummped into one of the movers. "Sorry." I said nervously "It's fine." The mover said kindly. I walked around the house and picked out a room with a balcany and a bathroom inside. Katara got the basement because, She doesn't like it when Draven plays his music while she tries to go to sleep. Draven got the room right across from mine, which makes me happy because him and I are very close. Katara and I....not so much. She's girly, I'm a tomboy. She listens to country and pop, I listen to alternative,screamo,heavy metal,and dubstep. She shops at aeropostale and hollister, I shop at Hot Topic and Spencer's. We are nothing she is 3 years older than me... I'm 14 right now and Draven is turning 19 in two days...and tommorow is my birthday...After the movers got done my mom payed them and they left. I love my room...when someone lived here, they painted the walls black and blood two favorite colors. My mom called us to the livingroom and we came down there. " going to enroll you two into a school since i cant afford to drive to Cartville High." Mom said pointing at Katara and I. Oh joy...I get to go to a new high-school...wait...that's good because I had no friends over at Cartville High. Draven looked at mom with a 'what do I get' look. Mom said to Draven, "Tomorrow we can look for a college for you." Draven looked at me and shrugged then, went back up-stairs to his room. Katara went back to the basement, which left me in the same room with mom. I turned around but, before I could take a step mom said, "I hope u make friends, Maci." I sighed and turned around and said, "People don't want to be friends with me because they label me as 'emo' and you know how people hate emos..." Mom looked upset and said, "If they dont like they way you are, then ignore them...the last thing you need is to be in a hospital bed because of haters." I smiled at her and hugged her. She chuckled and hugged me back. After we got done hugging, I went up-stairs to my room and, I couldn't bealive my eyes.

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15 Mar, 2013
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3 mins
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