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The Stranger

The Stranger

By JustNicoleValiukas

Walking the streets at night,

Past eluding alleyways.

Not the slightest beam of light,

Not one of the brightest days.

The truth behind the lies,

Is the world is full of danger.

Because behind his human disguise,

There is an immortal stranger.

I feel it watch me lower my head,

As its thirst creates a flood.

I have just moments to feel dread,

Then its face spatters with my blood.

And it gives me a malicious grin,

As I feel the fangs slide in.

The stranger steals into the black,

And I fall to harsh ground,

There is no turning back,

I have already been found.


I can see someone,

On my silent stretch of street.

They don't begin to run,

As our paths inevitably meet.

I hide behind the disguise,

Of the stranger who killed my soul,

The life slips from their eyes,

Because of the blood that I stole.

I feel no amount of sorrow,

That I have a heart of stone.

I'll be here again tomorrow,

So don't get caught alone.

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About This Story
5 Jun, 2014
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<1 min
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