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The Stray Dogs of My Country
The Stray Dogs of My Country

The Stray Dogs of My Country

papin49Roberto Perez


They are flesh and blood as the one in other countries, but more humble, friendly, trustworthy, confident, and the man's best friend and companion. Most of the time, dogs become a pain in the neck for farmers because they still, kill and cause great damages to their owners and other properties.

It is very well known that in those countries underdeveloped, people face problems finding food for themself, imagining feeding stray dogs. They are only glad for them at the time they need their service and without hesitation, they accomplish their needs.

Conscious or unconsciously, people hate stray dogs because most of the time they protect theirs, but kill the other; they don't care if they see an animal hurt, dying because he is sick, or starving to death. If they have nothing to do with that animal, they leave him to die.

People, don't want to see those "harmful" animals on their patio whatsoever. So, they kill them by hitting them with any kind of objects they can reach; a stone, machete, even using their body parts, fist or kicking them because what they want is to discharge their hate with them. Dogs are hungry and they try to find their food the same way that human does; they eat chicken's eggs like a human, the chicken, cheeps, goats. Actually, we share most of our feeding habits with them.

However, In the united states, people invest in some cases more money on their pets than what a whole family does in those countries for two or three months of feeding. Here, dogs are valuable creatures, in which people spend time, money, space, and sometimes dogs sleep in the owner's bed. If stray dogs just try to enter the owner's house, In my country, that would be enough to kill him by hanging him up. They punish them in the cruelest punishment they have.

I am asking all who have sympathy for stray dogs, try to watch by yourself that cruel reality that is happening now in many countries and nobody pays attention; to see what can be done to help with this issue; I am trying to cooperate through my writing, giving to all my friends this piece of real information to be aware that dogs are not human but they really feel: cold, pain, and most of the time they are hungry as humans.

My God will reward you for it...

Author Notes: Stray dogs are the most protective animal I have ever seen.

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Roberto Perez
About This Story
19 Nov, 2020
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2 mins
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