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The Sun or Rain?
The Sun or Rain?

The Sun or Rain?

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You know, people say that sadness is like the rain. They usually say that when they have depression, or have been sad for a long time. But, when it’s like that, I would say that sadness is like the sun.

The sun burns you, it makes you feel tired, and gross, but mostly, it’s just always there. The same way that you’re always sad, that being sad makes you tired, and often makes you feel gross, and being sad hurts. Many people try to find shade from their sorrows, perhaps it’s reading, or writing, or watching a show, or even drawing, but it’s always there.

But rain isn’t constant, and doesn’t come very often either. Rain is refreshing, and pleasant. Just like being happy. You aren’t always happy, although you can be, and it feels good, and makes you feel much better. But it still goes away, and the sun comes out again.

If I told someone who didn’t feel like this about this, then I’m sure they would say that that’s not how it is, and it just rains a lot. I suppose this could be your analogy, that you just live somewhere where it rains almost all the time. But, it would have to rain a lot. Or, perhaps they would say that I just view the sun as a bad thing, and that I don’t take into consideration the good things it does. But I do take that into consideration, but that’s about as helpful as telling someone to ‘just be happy’. It doesn’t help, and makes the person frustrated.

It’s like saying, “You can’t be sad! You have friends! You have this, or that!”. Oh, I didn’t realize that I can’t be sad if I have friends, I can feel better already. No! It doesn’t work like that! Saying that my ‘negative outlook’ is making it worse doesn’t help either! If you want to help, sympathize, or just treat me like I’m still normal! Don’t sugar coat feedback, or stop sarcastically insulting me, because that’s insulting! If I write something bad, tell me it’s bad! Don’t stop doing something that I consider fun or funny just because I might take it the wrong way, I haven’t yet so stop thinking I’m so sensitive!

Author Notes: Sorry, I kind of went off on a tangent, and ended this pretty abruptly. Also, I don't mean to offend, so please keep in mind that this is just my opinion.
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23 Jun, 2018
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