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The Supernatural War. Part 1.

The Supernatural War. Part 1.

By Cally56

Me, Tai and Zhara ran in from our battered car, hastily opened my door and quickly slammed it shut. “You didn’t know they were with Dusklite Corp!?” Tai shouted as she paced around the corridor. “Well if I did, I would have killed the Chairman right on the spot. But of course I thought it was just a job for some extra cash!” I shouted back. “Alright, no one knew! Just calm down! We don’t need this. Dusklite are huge. I’m sure I am not alone when I say; I want to bring them all down.” Zhara interrupted. “Yeah, I’m up for that…” Tai proposed. “Yeah, me too. But we just don’t have the manpower or capability to take them ALL down. Sure, I can fry nearly anything, Tai can fly and you can bend things with your mind. But it just isn’t enough. If we want to bring them down, we need an army of some sort.” “Well, let’s go get one.” Tai roared. “It’s not like they’re in shops are they!? And anyway, just a normal army wouldn’t cut it. We need an army with similar powers to us. And are people we can trust. We need a Supernatural Army…” “How are we going to find people like us? We’re outcasts. Freaks of humanity.” Zhara said. “We’ll convert them. I was the first. And I definitely won’t be the last… Come on. Let’s go and get some new team mates.”

We pulled up to the High School near us. We still had good friends in schools. We were all still 16. “Alright, I’m going after Catherine. Tai, you go for Zack. And Zhara, you get Dani and Jason.” They both agreed and we all stepped out of the car. “Huh, it’s amazing what they can repair in 2 years. Since I destroyed the whole school…” I sniggered. Tai and Zhara just giggled. We all walked in, and started to look for the people we were after. “Here, take a walky talky. That way we can communicate.” I handed them a three-way walky talky each. We all walked down different wings and started looking. 10 minutes into looking, Zhara radioed in. “I have found Dani and Jason. I’ll be waiting in the car guys.” We both agreed and continued searching. 30 minutes had passed and Tai radioed in and she had found Zack. She said that he was really eager to meet me again. All I had to do was find Catherine. I could tell that it wasn’t going to be a pleasant reunion. I walked into our old science room we would always spend lunchtimes in. I opened the door slowly and peered in. I saw Catherine sat there curled up in a corner like she always did. I would sit next to her and hold her every day. Her head darted at me and just glared at me. I cracked a little smile. “Catherine… it’s me. Callum.” Her nice little smile quickly darkened to an angry infuriated stare. “You… You just left me. You left me! Just like that! I waited for you to come back but you never did!” Somehow, shadows curled around my ankles and my legs and lifted me up. They climbed my body until they reached my arms. Then I was suspended in the air and thrown against the wall. “You killed me inside. You couldn’t believe how much pain I had to endure. I will now make you suffer.” She walked up to me until her face was 4 inches away from mine. “Put me down. I know how you feel. Trust me, we want to help you Catherine.” The shadows quickly raced up my neck and hovered around. I felt it became slightly difficult to breathe. With every breath, it felt more difficult. “Please… No. S-stop. I will hurt you… P-put me down now.” I struggled. All I saw was her face become concentrated. “I don’t want counselling!” She shouted. “STOP! RAGGHHH!” I felt rage race through my body and I exploded with a wave of lightning. It was enough to blow Catherine back and stun her. “I’m just like you. I’m a freak. There are more of us. We want you on our side. Please.” She slightly backed down and agreed to follow us. But I knew that she would want revenge again…

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About This Story
30 Apr, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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