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The sweet little Riot

The sweet little Riot

By purpleluver4life

 It was just a small little town, very peaceful actually. Rarely anything bad happens to it. It was a quiet April Tuesday and the town did it's usual thing. A yound woman Jogging down the sidewalk in the middle of her hometown. It was quiet like usaul but something was off about it all......It was kind of hard to ignore it when your still in the middle of the city. She looked around and made a complete stop. She then saw a man having a white mask on the hols of the maks had black liquid dripping ou of it....but this was just painted onto it , A simple blue smile was smeared real sloppy onto it. What sent chills up the womans spine was that he was carrying a bat in his hand, She took a quick breath and watched as he swung his bat onto a silver car nxt to him. She blinked before running forward nearly tripping she then saw another man with the same mask exept it was black and had a red smile printed on it, He had a crowbar in his hands running past her "There's gonna be a black flag hangin over this town!!" He sang as he slamed the crowbar down onto a mirror of a shoe store. It shattered to pieces The woman fell on her backside, The man turned around to face her dispite the mask that layed upon his face, He held his hand out to her "Wanna join the riot?" Riot? What riot? She shook her head It was just two peop.....She then saw even more people running down the streets. Girls and boys running down the streets, Where did they come from!? His hand lowered and turned back and ran forward
          "The city looks so pretty do you want to burn it with me?!" A girl screamed in her ear She turned to see a girl who was just a child....11 perhaps? The girl had the same mask exept it was white with a pink frown printed on it the same black liquid running out the holes. She laughed before running off with a small balck flag in her hand. the woman was on the urge of tears.....She was just a little girl how could a little girl be put into something like this?! She watched in horror as even grown ups ran past her some had guns and knives in there hands while others just had the same black flag the girl was holding.

     People were dancing in the roads as others were pouring gasoline everywhere swat teams came shortly after the riot had started, The woman shortly ran to her house for protection seeing that they made it into her neighborhood. She hid in her bedroom for it to all end. Even a man from the swat team stopped and joined the riot after seened talking to a young boy. Everyone in the riot had the same mask on just diffrent colors. The youngest 'member' of the riot was . A young 9 year old boy and 10 year old girl. Witnesses who were put in the middle of the riot say a young girl atleast 13 -16 Threw a alit match onto the ground which started a huge fire in the town atleast 45% of the whole town was a burning. Dispite the burning town The masked people continued to dance.
      Once The swat team had there guns out, some of the riot put there hands up, but continued to sing to themselves most of them sung diffrent songs but the most common one sung was "City" By a band in L.A called Hollywood undead.  Others sung many other songs  The rest of the group ran out of the city and into allways which witnesses say was all part of the plan, There were almost no people under 14 who were put in custody.
       A young man Who's name will not be let out in public notified to the Police saying "We had to make sure the kids got out first" He told us and police "It was just a way of paying back the world for bringing us in when it was falling apart" The boy told us that they and the others had planned this for over 3 months, We were also informed that the leader of the group was 17 years old. There was only one child under 14 who was caught by police. She was young 12 year old girl who's name will also not be named. She told us that 'word for word'  "I was done acting like the earth was an OK place to live in I hated the fact that I was born the same generation the world be gain to fall apart" She also told us that the moment she heard about this plan she wanted in. She said even her little sister was brought into this. The leader of the group said that there was not alot of people who declined the request, and those who did said that they Really liked the idea, but didnt want to be apart of it and that they would keep it a secret.
    After 2 months of the situation had ended, No children or adults were arrested on the count of the riot. The town was almost the same as before but the memories of the riot stained the town along with the world.

Author Notes: :D So this was my version of a riot, I felt bored and decided to write this hope you all liked it! I hope I didn't encourage anyone.......And also I'm not really in my 40's im actually 14 :D

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13 Mar, 2014
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4 mins
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