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The Tale of Forbidden Love
The Tale of Forbidden Love

The Tale of Forbidden Love

IsLoveAnIllusion-- The Huntress --
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I, am Icarus, son of Daedalus. I have a pair of majestic wings made of wax which I wore proudly every day. But alas, my life is not just a mere myth, I have my problems, life questions and dreams to think about, so I found a place in the forest of Athens and made it my thinking spot. As time flew, I went there more and more, addicted to the calming smell of pine trees and the wild rushing of the river. Until I met HER.

She was beautiful. With her ever-flowing firey red hair and the warm glow from her orange eyes made my heart melt. Although her aura of pure heat is my fatal place, I fell for her, despite all the warning signs. We socialized and I found myself drawing myself closer to her and placing my hand on her shoulder, not wanting her to leave me, when she got up and tried to leave. I drew her into a hug, her mere aura burning my skin, and stated, "please, stay a while longer. What could possibly go wrong?"

Time flew, months and days drew to closes, and still, our love is stronger than ever. Even though I found my wings melting, crumbling to ashes every time rests herself on my lap, to burn for someone is to melt in the process. Her everlasting heat of passion, the warmth radiating from her, I found myself falling even deeper for her. A part of me tells me that this love will draw to a close, the fire of passion will extinguish one day, but I did not listen. Instead, I tied myself more tightly, into her.

Until that night, I was blindly enveloped in her love, her heat and her warmth. That night, was when I finally realized I have been taking this way too far. That night, was the worst night of my entire life. But I have to face it, that one day I would melt to nothing or I would have to ... leave her. But she would not believe it, she would not even flinch, she would just laugh it off like she always does when I bring up this matter.

She didn't push it away this time, but denied my departure. When I told her the second time, she screamed and yelled, but I ignored her. When I started to walk away, she got on her knees and begged me not to go, but nothing could change my mind. When I was at the doorway, I did not even have to turn around to know that tears are slipping down her face and she fell onto the floor, but I did not look back.

I am still healing from this incident, and I am, of course, sad that we will never end up together, but I want to fall asleep and wake, knowing that my heart is safe and in a safer place. Will we ever have a happy ever after? No. But will we always remember and love from far away? Yes.

Author Notes: Credits of quotes to Gabriel Picolo. Thanks for reading, please vote and comment! Peace out!

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-- The Huntress --
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5 Mar, 2019
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2 mins
5.0 (2 reviews)

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