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By alexander

THhe room I am in is a nice place I have a place to right a bed and evan a tolit. I was on of the lucky few my name is alex and I am being held captive by my farthers grunt men and so are my friends. my dad was one of the bigest godfarther in London. I am only fifteen years old and on day when I was out on the street with some of my friends I was hit over the head and so were my friends and when I opened my eyes I was here there is only one other person with my in this room and its my best friend jack me and him and been friends since we were young abnout 6 years old and we were insepribal.I know I have to go from this place becuse there asking my farther for 50 million for me to be reternd to him dead and 100 million for me to be retend to him alive but I don't think my farther can pay them becuse a lot of his money are in operrations he dosent have a lot of money in the bank so I am going to have tto leve this place I will leave tonight I will keep this book and right more in it...

It has been two days since i last told you of what happend so far i have found three of my friends I just need to find my last friend her name is jessica I and my friends have got out of the compound and we found arselves in northen Italy one of my friends got into some truble we were trying to snek past a gard but he saw my friend and shoot him but it dident hit anything vital just his shoulder but it dosent look pretty....

it has been four days since i last took and pencil to this book and there are only a few things to say but they are amazing on the 5 day we found jessica she was at the far end or the west block when we got her we went abouve ground and ran for it in the early morning we got a hitch with a lorry that was taking hay to a nerby village so when we got to a village had to get a ride to a bigger town becuse it dident have a phone when we got there they were loads of the kidnappers looking out for us but we sliped by and found a phone i called my farther and when he herd my voice he began to sob which was strang becuse my farther never showed his emothion iI told him to carm down and i told him where we were. the next day a plane landed there with solders on it and they rounded up thekidnappers but they were to late for my friend his shoulder had been gating bad and in the night he was still we were all so sad but we carrid his body all the way to the plane and when we got back to london we barried him it was very sad and i will never forget him becuse he was my little brother.

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9 Mar, 2011
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2 mins
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