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The Taxi

The Taxi

By TheForgotten

I slide into the yellow taxi, a young gentleman sits to my right. I direct my body to an angle so I can see him better. My curious gaze turns to a intense glare. It's Scott. Scott ruined life for me in high school.

"Hi Scott" I state venomously. He directs his attention to me.

"Diane?" He tilts his head to the side so he can examine me better. "You're lookin' good." I narrow my eyes.

"Looks like you haven't changed at all." I cross my arms over my chest, eager to get home and away from this loser.

"I never apologized did I?" He arches one eyebrow carefully.

"No it seems as though you don't care that you ruined my life in high school." I let out a long puff of air.

"I am sorry for that. I was being immature, I mostly did it because I had a crush on you." He shifts uncomfortably in his seat. I waited three years for this apology. "I'm not expecting you to forgive me but maybe you can later on." He hands me a card with his contact information on it before exiting the car. I hadn't even realized that we'd stopped. I watch as he walks up the stairs before the cab driver starts the car and begins to drive to my house.

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23 Apr, 2016
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