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The Teen and the President

The Teen and the President

By FlentalMeister

The boy looked at the television. The President of the United States was standing in front of congress giving his State of the Union address. The boy is twelve, and the President is in his second year of office. He shoves another chicken wing into his mouth as he listens to the speech.

The teen watches the television. The man on the screen is the President, giving his second State of the Union address. The teen admires the man. He wants to be exactly like him. He continues to eat his slice of pizza.

This year, the teen isn't watching the television. He is listening to the President give his third State of the Union as he works on an essay about the man on the screen. Every project that the teen has gotten at school, he has turned into a project about the President. He is excited to help the President get reelcted.

For the next three years, the teen has to work on the night of the State of the Union. This makes him angry. He listens theough his earbuds to the speech, which makes his boss angry.

For the final State of the Union, the teen is at college. But the President can't give the State of the Union. The President is dead, killed by a gunman as he returned from a peace summit. The teen is sad and angry. He remembers that the entirety of his teenage years was spent looking up to that man. The boy grieves and vows silently to not let the gunman deter him. He still wants to be exactly like his hero.

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19 Apr, 2019
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1 min
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