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The Tempting Traveler
The Tempting Traveler

The Tempting Traveler


Peace Meditation swordmen salvation- World’s congregation. Hearts breathing Peacefully drink Moet

Fresh Flowers set minds song- duet.She’s the singer he’s the traveler hiding wedding finger

She’s at the tree top pink lady love slice dimple.What suspense mystery bite apple.


Fresh-cut of a thorn rose—of—innocence.Declaration of Independence

Strong love keepsake- energetic-God-sake.Nature morning stretch she-devil wake

Knight of a traveler Shakespearian castle.She throw’s a kiss heart- shape.

Two nature healers dream escape.Butterflies from love shape

__________ Two-Embracers____________

Nectarine exotic plants feast tree tops_________ Love makers_________________

The tree grows in Brooklyn ancestry future lands.Google everything that's nature

Is it in our nature to see a greener pasture? Our food vegetables and raw

Growing plants in their beds.Wild Flower you are green thumb

How nature made us in the womb how the world of hand you got the butterflies

You travel all over free.Rome & wine victorious vinyards.Women bouquet hats such high


architecture Victorian villas staying in line.Face naturally appealing all mine

He's always traveling & gambling.Robin red breast rambles on frantic

Venice Man ride the gondola light romantic.With such infatuation love mission

Florence fit for a Queen with your Visa.Paintings you admire Mona Lisa

Travelers biblical book ancient lands.Green Earth planet God-Rules bands

Culinary palette Mozart plays Hamlet.Sky all to thine __ oneself true

Patriotic red-white-blue.Every inch King worthy reign rooted

The Queen fits perfectly suited.Love Cupids fiery display

Snap Dragon’s colorful array.Star climber’s dark sapphire gem planetary

Arabesque Mid-scent Adam-shares Eve cherry

Sapphire sky dress tears swirl.Monarch caterpillar Sahara dry crawl

Transforms imaginative, inventive butterfly.Aphrodite spreads holy water Atlantic.

Nature traveler he passes her.The wind circles near her.The Flight attendant lost her ancient

charm pendant.Resting so radiant she was patient.He found it gave her it back

He lost a great deal of time.Midnight travelers meets her sunrise

Surprise same number music spells.Midnight rambler watches the moon

Changes quickly in a cocoon.She looks back and sits near his seat

They had some caviar left over treat transcends back to another place

Nature face climber star points.Moon changes Egyptian chant

*They left together married.Shakespearian heartlands.*

Author Notes: Shakespearian touch you can never get enough in a short and divine read.

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About This Story
12 Apr, 2017
Read Time
1 min
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