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The Test

The Test

By Optimism101

“Hello.” The cold voice spoke from the center of the room. 3 people stood within.

“Where are we?” She was a little bit smaller than an average person. She stood a little to the back and checked around the room.

“I don’t know, but something else is in here too.” The man on the edge spoke next. He was a little taller than her, and had a leading pose.

“Oh ha ha, very funny.” The third woman spoke. She was taller than the rest, and was not happy to be here.

“I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about the voice.” He turned towards her.

“Oh.” She stood silent.

“It’s time to play! Play!” The voice spoke again. Whatever it was manifested itself in front of them. It was a small man, and he was wearing casual attire. His face was struck in a crooked grin.

“Play what exactly?” The middle man spoke.

“A game!” The small man had giant chess pieces summoned all around him. Pawns, not anything else. He motioned with his hand as they shot across the room towards the middle man. He dodged a couple but one hit him straight in the chest and knocked him down. The pawns dissipated.

“When you die, I win!” The small man laughed an evil laugh.

“Well then how do we win?” The tall woman clenched her fists.

“You don’t!” The small man laughed once more and summoned some bishops.

“Do any of us know how to fight a magician summoning giant chess pieces?” The middle man got up and readied himself.

“Maybe we could tire him out. Someone can only fight for so long.” The smaller woman stepped forward, so she was lined up with the other two.

“Sure, that sounds great. What can I call you?”

“I go by Taylor. You?” Taylor looked towards the middle man.

“Val.” Val defended himself.

“Will you two shut the hell up! I know how to end a fight.” The tall woman dashed towards the small man and punched him, but missed. The man teleported next to her.

“You think it’s going to be that easy?” The small man laughed and shot one of his bishops. It flung around the room in a diagonal pattern until it slammed into the taller woman’s back. She fell to the floor, flung herself up and retreated to be lined up with Val and Taylor.

“I’m Rachel.” She wiped blood from the front of her mouth and clenched her fists.

“Isn’t this fun?” The smaller man laughed once more and shot three more bishops around the room. They ricocheted around the room and eventually dissipated.

“I hope you don’t think this is a game,” Val said roughly, “because it’s far from it.”

“Ohoho but games are all this is!” The small man summoned some rooks.

“What should we do?” Taylor turned towards Val. Rachel silently turned as well.

“Well, fighting doesn’t work. We can tire him out. He can’t fight forever.” Val readied himself for what was to come.

Several hours of maniacle dodging and laughing later.

“Yeah, that worked.” Rachel panted along with Val and Taylor. The small man fought with the same rigor.

“You are really keeping up.” The small man’s attacks slowed and he only summoned a few of his pieces.

“Wow, you were spot on.” Val looked at Taylor in shock.

“Pshh, lucky guess.” Rachel was still not close to Taylor.

“HA! JUST KIDDING!” The small man grew very, very excited and chess pieces flew all around the room. They ricocheted around.

“HOLY SH- “Rachel was struck with a knight and went down. Taylor was hit by a bishop and was knocked out cold. Val was able to dodge around, and slowly made his way to the small man.

“Chaos, CHAOS!” The small man kept summoning and dissipating pieces. Val crept closer. He was skimmed by a queen and almost fell over. His shoulder bled on the floor.

“I can do ANYTHING!” The small man jumped around. Val was hit by a king.

“You need to STOP!” Val dashed towards the small man and punched him straight in the face. He fell down onto the ground.

“Wow, you did really well.” The small man snapped his fingers and all three of them were healed and up next to each other, they looked startled.

“What just…” Rachel patted herself down to check for wounds. Taylor did the same.

“It’s coming. You need to expect it. The prince cannot be contained. He will break free. I see hope in you. Be prepared.” The small man snapped his fingers, and all three of them found themselves out of the room and onto a barren wasteland. A destroyed city stood in the distance. Buildings crumbled, and everything was drab.

“Do you think that the prince did that?” Taylor looked towards Val.

“Who else could’ve?” Rachel knelt and felt the grass. It crumbled in her grasp.

“Well, whoever did it, I doubt anyone else could stop him.” Val started to walk forward.

“Where are you going?” Taylor asked as Val stopped and turned.

“Someone has to stop him.” Val turned and started walking again. Rachel jogged towards Val and walked alongside her. Taylor followed.

A world in chaos. 3 heroes. What else would you need to stop terror?

Author Notes: I don't know if I want to continue this or not. Tell me what you think! Oh, and Lollipop_56, (Faith) You are a lifesaver.

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About This Story
2 Mar, 2019
Read Time
4 mins
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