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The Thing
The Thing

The Thing


Back and forth

Back and forth

There’s no escaping it

One minute your happy

The next you’re not

You can feel normal for once

And then there it goes again

You can’t control it

Not one bit

You get up each day not knowing how you’ll feel

Like a 2 way mirror, you may see one way

You may not see the other

The feeling comes during the day,

Doesn’t bear to leave the night

You try to wear a mask of normal

Inside you know you aren’t

It tears you up inside

You become more fearful each day

Don’t know what emotion you will have

As the thing might disappear

The next thing will come

The thing comes and goes

Not knowing its return

Depression or Mania

Normal or not

Don’t know which one

Bipolar is a struggle

Some don’t understand

They don’t give us a break

You could cause yourself harm

Or you can be fine

You can fight or give up

You can give into the thing

Or you can push yourself

It’s hard to hang in there

It’s hard to fight

But we can never give up

We can’t give in

We can live a good life

No matter the challenge

We can do it!

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21 Jun, 2018
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1 min
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