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The Things She Left Behind

The Things She Left Behind

By TheForgotten

Scarlet Quin. To you she may just seem like some ordinary girl, but to me she's so much more. Scarlet had managed to steal the spot of my crush nealy my whole life, not that it was a luxurious position or anything. I guess a lot of people had an idea about her parents, they were abusive, mentally and physically. She'd show up to school with bruises, the teachers never even mentioned to deal with the matter though.

She was smart, and pretty. Life was still hard for her, I suppose people liked to bring her down, misery loves company right? She was an honor role student, she was accepted to Yale. Life was finally looking up for her. And then she was gone. Just gone, no trace of where Scarlet Quin had disappeared to. When I went to contact the police they said they couldn't do much since she was legally an adult.

I hope that wherever she is now that she knows left things behind. She left me behind. She left her friends behind. I wonder what drove her to the breaking point. I wonder if she's thinking about her past right now. Did she not know there were people worth staying for?

Just know that one day someone can just be gone. And everyone else along with the whole world will move on as if they never exsisted, but you are left to stand there and be haunted by the memories. There's a lot of things I wish I could've told her, so let that be a reminder, don't keep your feelings to yourself. You never know the person could disappear the next day.

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17 Apr, 2016
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1 min
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