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The Toy Chest

The Toy Chest

By Lilith_Garnet - 1 Review

Once there was a young woman with hair as black as the night sky and an eye as blue as the sea and the other as red as lava. She lived in what use to be an old bakery, but now thats her home. She never complained, the rent was cheap too. She may be close to the bottom the social chain, but she still had a peaceful life. She wasn't that lonely, she had a little girl, her name was Luka Anderson. She had beautiful long blonde hair with icy blue eyes. Her mother always gave her everything she needed, well at least tried. Sometimes her mother wouldn’t eat, just for her. Luka was her mother’s life, the only reason she ever smiled.

One day Luka and her mother where in town getting groceries, they didn’t go to town often because of the long walk, but today there was a festival going on in town that Luka begged her mother to go to. After months of asking and saving money, they finally decided to go. This is Luka’s first town event ever going to, but for her mother, she went to one with her mother when she was about Luka’s age. As they walked towards the festival grounds Luka’s eyes lit up with amazement when she saw all of the games, lights, and food that they had there. Her mother couldn’t believe it, everything was so beautiful. When Luka saw all of the lights she started to run towards it. Her mother tried to yell at her for her to come back, but she didn’t. Her mother ran after her. A little time passed and she finally found Luka. When she found her, her mother took her hand and she didn’t let go. They walked around for a little bit with her still holding Luka’s hand, not letting go. Then when they were there for about an hour, Luka saw an event. It was a game of hide and seek for the younger children. Luka almost dragged her mother there before it started.

The game started and Luka and the other children ran off. An adult was counting to 30. Luka ran along the road they were given to go down and found a toy chest. She ran to it and climbed in. She closed the top of it after she got comfortable. She knew she was going to be there for a while.

30 minutes passed and she was about to get out when she heard walking. She lified it up I little and peeked her head out. This wasn’t the she was before she was dust on the chest and on the boxes near it. Then she moved her head back into the box in fear. 15 minutes later she poked her head out of the chest once more. Everything was back to normal. Then the seeker found her. I had only been five minutes into the game. She got out and ran to her mother with tears running down her face. “What happened?” Her mother asked. “Nothing,” she told her mother with a smile.

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22 May, 2018
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2 mins
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