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By Sbujobe

For the many untold stories that I have witnessed happening in front of my naked eyes daylight.

People will tell you many things about commuter trains that go from township to town. But with me is worse than one could think. Today I can smile and hug someone that I met within those so called bad trains, this is the love of my love that I m referring to here.

It was one of those busy mornings, I saw her coming all the way running to be on time for the train, firstly I thought she was going collapse as soon as she got in and I also had doubts that she was going to be in the same train but surprisingly she got it and indeed it was the very same train I was on.

At the door it was me and the other three guys, she came running and threw her self to me as if we new each other, I nearly felt down but lucky I could balance for both of us, she was breathless, powerless but still holding on her files, that’s when I got enough time to look at her and show my tender care my gentleman ship.

I steped backwards and she allowed me to get a well balance position than we sat down both somerwhere in the corner ofcourse because there was space there.

We were both giggling to each other and smilling as if we met before, as for anyone who was watching at us they might have thought we were old lovers but nope!

The guys standing at the door were badly stering at us with enxiousness of willing to know what was going on with us. They were all suprice when I was asking for the numbers.

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6 Aug, 2010
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