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The Train Station

The Train Station

By james2626

One sunny morning, Jason, a student, just woke up from sleep with the sound of his loud alarm. He needs to prepare for his 8:00 am class.He then has taken a bath, wear his uniform and is now finishing his breakfast: a toast, while playing ball fetch with his dog Dunkin.

"Good boy," he said, with a big smile on his face

" Arf! Arf!" the dog replied as it wags its tail

"Jason!" his older sister yelled. "Don't you know it's already 7:30 ?you should go, or you'll be late! and don't forget your violin"

"Alright!" Jason yelled back, getting his violin and giving his dog its ball and some kisses.

"Gotta go, Bye!" Jason last words for his sister and his dog

As he walks his way to his school he would pass by the park and the train station. The sound of the rustling leaves in the park made him take more of his time, not minding that he'll be late. As he approaches the train station He could hear it's rumbling and chugging sound. He could feel the vibration of the train and the rails even at a distance.

" That's really a bit scary," he said to himself and continued walking to his school.

After finishing his classes, he would attend the violin practice in school, just like what he does every day.Music is his passion and it's something he's very good at.

"Hello Jason," a soft voice from behind said quietly with a hint of shyness. It's Gem, her seatmate.

"Hi Gem" Jason replied in a shaky voice. The two have been talking for quite a time now,

" How are you?" Jason asked.

And this conversation would continue for the entire class until they have to go and say goodbye to each other.

As he arrived at his house, his dog, Dunkin would ecstatically greet him with kisses, he would then carry it like his own child, then play with it. Dunkin would even sing while Jason is playing with his violin. After hours of playing, the two get so tired and Jason is now about to sleep, so he set his alarm again.

It's a cold morning, and Jason woke up without the sound of his alarm. His room is so quiet.

On his mind, he said, " Cool, waking up early without the help on my alarm".

His sister suddenly enters his room.

"Jason, I've been shouting here for years! Don't you know it's already 8:00 am!" her sister screamed.

Surprised, Jason replied with a blank face, the room is in complete silence

" Hey, I said it's already 8:00 am!" her sister yelled one more time

This time, Jason replied with a shock in his eyes, for a second he thought he was dreaming but he isn't. He then has figured it out by himself but still, couldn't believe it. Soon the tears slide down one by one. Her sister started crying too, even without understanding what is really happening. The room is in complete silence once more.

" I'm so sorry but your brother has lost his hearing," The doctor said. Jason sister is in complete shock. She couldn't believe what she heard. And she doesn't know what to do. She then went to his brother.Jason asked her what the doctor said, without the use of any words but she still able to understand him. She just hugged her brother. And the tears burst again.

The news completely devastated Jason. He knew things would never be the same. Days passed but there is nothing but sadness and fear of the unknown that fill Jason's mind. One day, his dog: Dunkin, brought his ball to Jason asking him to play.Jason being filled with emotions just ignored the dog and locked himself in his room. That event reminded Jason of his daily routine of playing with his dog every day then, going to school with his violin, that sparked something and he is now determined again to continue his life, Jason tried to live the life the way he used too. He continued going to school, but this time, no more sound of the rustling leaves or chugging of the train. Even so, he can still feel the vibration of the train and rails that make him feel scared. On his class, however, he slowly can't keep up with the lessons and advised to enroll in a different class with a special system for the hard of hearing. Gem also doesn't talk to him anymore, is it because she can't understand him anymore? Or because of too much pity? He doesn't know and he would never find out.

On that day, he went home, cried and questioned everything on his life,.Everything is falling down and can't do anything about it. He knew he'll never know the answers to his questions, and that made him cry more.

The next day, he woke up earlier than the usual, he got up, then go outside. He then passed the park, up to his destination: the train station. He could still feel the vibration of train and rails, but unlike before the scared feeling isn't there anymore. The rumbling and chugging are getting louder as he approaches but he can only hear his heartbeat pumping so hard.

"This isn't the life I want to or would ever dream of having," he said.

He suddenly feels pain on his leg. He looked down and see Dunkin, his dog. Biting his leg and pulling him off. The two stare at each other.

"Arf!, Arf!, Arf!" the dog said.

After that, there was nothing but the loud noise of the train passing by.

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8 Aug, 2017
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4 mins
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