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The Traitor Part One
The Traitor Part One

The Traitor Part One


“Where am I?”

“You are home now Aiden.”

“This isn’t home. What am I doing here?”

A little boy continues to sneer at the robotic machine responding to his cries. He is no older than seven and he stands alone in a cloud white room covered in medical supplies. His dark ebony hair falls to his face as he looks around the room for an exit. His brown eyes spark up when an entrance slowly opens. Suddenly, a tall doctor walks in with a mask covering his features. He dismisses the automaton with a wave of his hand and takes the boy’s hand in his.

“Leave the boy alone Robotica.”

He carefully leads the child to a circular machine. Tears slowly fall down the boy’s tan skin as he wipes them away.

“This won’t hurt at all. I promise,” the doctor says as he wrests the boy into the chair surrounded by the thick metal walls.

“My mother told me not to trust anything you say. She says you would come for me. She told me to stay strong,” his sentences slowly morph to sobs. “She told me she would save me. She told me- “ his sobs are muffled as the circular machines closes around the chair and powers up. The doctor, unfazed by the boy’s cries, walks away from the machine and to a black metallic screen hidden in the corner of the room.

“Shall we begin the implant procedure Doctor?” the robotic voice questions.

“Yes Robotica. I believe the Empress will be quite impressed with him.”

~~~10 years in the future~~~

“He is magnificent, isn’t he?”

“He truly is. Top of his class and head of my personal security.”

Two women, clad in precious silks adorned in crystal beads, sat in a lace decorated picnic table in the middle of a marble balcony which towered over the kingdom. A soldier stood guard next to the carpeted entrance. His armor was covered with medals from his ventures through the kingdom of Aurelose. He had been named lieutenant at age 16 and had earned the trust of his superiors, especially the queen. Feeling proud of his title, he let go of his past.

“Lieutenant Aiden. Would you care to join us at the gardening pavilion?” The lady with the jeweled crown motioned below her.

“As you wish my Empress.”

Author Notes: One of my first stories. Come back soon for more parts.

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3 Jul, 2019
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1 min
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