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The tree on the lake
The tree on the lake

The tree on the lake


There is a tree on a lake, some say “ The tree is good luck” others say something else

I was the one that was not scared to go see the tree, they say when you touch the tree, you are able to see beyond the future and also control it.

When I first heard about the tree I was getting out of the house concerned about my parents, always bickering on and on about each other.

That's when I heard a few kids that “ The tree can either help or place a curse”

I thought to myself, maybe this is just some fairytale, but I will do anything for my parents to get along.

So,it was decided that I would get on a boat and go see the tree for myself.

When I arrived to the tree it was blooming with passion, it made it feel like I personally knew it for decades finally I had the guts to say

“ Hello, Mr. Tree are you here to hurt people or help ? I need help..”

There was no response only the swaying of the leaves, when I finally maybe this was just make believe, the tree spoke not loud or quiet, it was perfect he said

“ Yes, I am good, but only to those that truly need it.”

I responded shakily but also filled with hope.

“I need help with my parents, they always go at each other and I just want them to stop and love each other..” the tree responded with wisdom in his voice,

“ Yes, my child, as long as your willing to visit frequently and just hang out with me”

I nodded and it fell silent, I went inside my boat and road to sea

When I finally got home, I expected it to be shouting and screaming but it was quiet

I walked further in to see my parents laying on each others heads, holding hands

“Thank you, Mr Tree, thank you..”

Thus, this was the tale of the tree on the lake, legend has it if you are pure and full of wisdom the tree will appear and give you help.

Author Notes: Thank you very much for supporting me and looking at my stories, I will try my best to do better books in the future.

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11 Dec, 2019
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