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The Trial of Thomas Delacroix
The Trial of Thomas Delacroix

The Trial of Thomas Delacroix

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In a small town in the french countryside deep in the woods lay Delacroix manor. About 70 years ago it looked ravishing with the bright white pillars and brown bricks towering three stories, but now the once beautiful pillars had turned into a rotting pieces of wood; the bricks needing a wash. One of the inhabitants Thomas Delacroix age 23 has been the owner for the last two years. He has been trying to fix the manor but to no avail not much has changed. One day a small boy about the age of eight had wondered upon the manor. Once going inside and seeing the beautiful interior he decided to explore the place. When he entered the master bedroom he happened upon a sleeping Thomas Delacroix. After hearing the noise Thomas was startled and shouted "Who's there!?" Frightened by this the boy tried to make a run but Thomas was too quick. He grabbed the small boy by the arm and scolded the boy on his choices. When the boy refused to take Thomas's advice Thomas took the boy and locked him in the wine cellar. After three weeks of living off wine and whatever bug happened in the cellar, the boy passed away. After finding the body Thomas was afraid to move it so he kept it as it lay. Years passed by and news of the boy's death had been forgotten Thomas finally felt free to tell someone. One day when his mother was visiting he told her. Ashamed of her son's actions and due to the fear for other children she called the National Gendarmerie to arrest him. After the arrest, a trial began for this poor boy's death.

"Did you or did you not kidnap and murder Frankie Ponce?" the prosecutor asked. "No I didn't!" shouted Thomas. Anger stirred in Thomas's mind. What Thomas did not know is the government had the National Gendarmerie search the manor. They had the body of Frankie Ponce in that very room. After being asked again he finally said "Yes..." The words shocked everyone in the room. After hearing the words the judge sentenced Thomas to a public hanging. Thomas burst into tears after hearing this. They locked Thomas up, but the next day when Thomas was supposed to be hung there was a hole in the wall and a bed without Thomas in it...

Author Notes: Idk....

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21 Apr, 2022
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