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The Truth.
The Truth.

The Truth.

  • January 23rd, 1998 a beautiful baby girl or baby boy was brought into the world. Many people think a baby’s birth is the most precious thing in a parents life, but to me it's the most sad. Another pure, and innocent baby gets to be born into a world of such hatred, cruelness, anger, sadness, emotional, traumatic life. That child had no choice but to be born into this earth. Some grow up to be bullied, depressed, suicidal, unmotivated, abused, intoxicated, under the influence, under drugs. This generation just hurts this world. With everything possible to make someone feel worthless. People turn on one another and back stab each other to the point of no forgiveness. Is this the type of world we want our innocent children to live in. Of course right ? Because clearly no one is doing anything to stop it. So they will continue to behave in such a manner to hurt others because they have so much pain, rage, sadness, and anger in their hearts. Why should they be the only ones to hurt. They make others face turn red only to leave them at 3am in the morning sobbing their eyes out because of all the horrible names they encountered that morning at school. It leaves marks all over their arms, wrists, thighs, and legs because the pain is too much to endure. You little babygirl that puts on an act in front of mommy and daddy so they cant see how torn apart their little baby is. so she can continue to hurt herself the way others hurt her. So she can feel the blood ooze out of her wrist into her leg only to bleed out in the bathroom tub and pour out her hearts and souls tears that she held in the whole day, because she hates people seeing her cry. And everyday its the same cycle of never-ending pain, and never-ending scars, and never-ending cuts or bruises. Does it hurt you to even read the truth ?because this is it. This is what happens. This is the world that we live in and why ? Because we’re broken and this is there only way everyone copes their hurt. This is what everyone is so terrified of, yet you were the beginning of it and you don’t want to stop.

Author Notes: With all mi corazon.

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11 Sep, 2018
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