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The Truth About Me

The Truth About Me

By kristiannamarie13

The truth about me, o gosh where do I start. Well first off IM INSECURE! that is very obvious. The way I see it there are to type of girls... Conceded and insecure. I would rather be insecure then conceded any day. I dont like everything about myself. I have flaws. I wouldnt say I'm ugly I just say I'm not beautiful like everyone says I am. Where I'm from there's a standard for beautiful and to me I don't meet that standard. I feel so left out alot. I'm made fun of because I'm white, where I'm from there aren't very many people that are as white as I am. I'm not pale just not tan. Confused yet? Welcome to my life!(: well I'm 13 years young and I consider myself and therapist of my friends. I love to help people with their problems. It gives me a sense that one day someone will come along like me and be able to give me advice and help be get better in my life. Sadly that day hasn't come. But anyway when I think, I think... ALOT! I'm what you could consider an Overthinker and when I think one bad thing it leads to another and another, and yes another until I'm finally in tears from my thoughts! No I don't want a therapy session or for someone to think I need "help" yes I need help but I'm [IN]dependent I don't need to count on someone to make me better. I can work on it myself. I'm writing this story so people will know who I am and why I am the way I am. Back to my story, Im a white girl with blue chinese eyes and don't have a perfect face or smile or teeth. I'm not Under weight or over weight. I can't explain enough tht I'm not what I look. Do you ever put smiley faces and txt haha when you crying and aren't smiling by any means. I do! I don't have a perfect family like everyone may think. I have TWO brothers that hate me more than anything. I only trust one of my own siblings and that's my sister and she gets me through so much. Think I'm exaggerating? Not even if anything I'm under selling it. Have u ever had a family member walk in a room and not even exknowlidge you existence? Yep thats what my brother does to me. My grandma doesn't really like me much ether she likes my brother that's for sure. I'm the baby of the family and you would think I should be spolied rotten. NOT EVEN CLOSE! confused even more? Yep this is my life. Kristianna Marie's life:) I'm just speaking the truth. The truth of... me (: I shall consider this my personal diary that is exposed to the world. I'm not fake I'm as real as you can see!(:

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5 Jan, 2012
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2 mins
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